One of my favorite (and quiet) counter service restaurants at Epcot is the Yakitori House in the Japan pavilion. I really enjoy the teriyaki chicken and was curious if they could modify this to be gluten free. I recently received an email from the pavilion manager, Fujiko Nishikawa and a list of what is included in the teriyaki chicken. As I expected, it contains wheat. Unfortunately, it looks like they can’t modify it, other than using the GF soy sauce on the side, plain chicken and rice. I plan on trying it out, since my mom and stepdad want to eat here. I’ll give you a nice review when we get back. I’ve posted his response and picture of what the entree looks like (from a past trip). Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get this or something different when we go that is both yummy and safe!

My stomach is growling just looking at this!

Ms. Sarah,

Above form is ingredient of Teriyaki Chicken.

We are able to serve without Teriyaki Sauce and give you the Gluten Free Soy Sauce on the side if you feel comfortable.

But I am afraid for cross contact with sauce.

Please speak one of the restaurant manager upon arrive Yakitori House or contact me any time.

Thank you,

Fujiko Nishikawa

Manager, Administration

Japan Pavilion, EPCOT