Originally, we had no plans on going to the Yak & Yeti this trip. We had reservations to eat there in January 2011. However, during a visit to the Animal Kingdom park with my mom and brother, we decided to check it out, since we had no plans for lunch. I was a little leery since we didn’t have an ADR and I hadn’t notified them of my food allergies, but I figured it would be OK, since most places can easily accommodate it. In addition, I knew that Asian-inspired food should have minimal amounts of dairy, which would be helpful. We also didn’t know if we’d have to wait, but lo and behold they had a table ready (and this was at noon too!). I have to say, on a side note, that the decor was great. The Landry’s restaurants (like Rainforest Cafe) have great attention to detail and this was no exception. I loved the ambiance and it really did fit in perfectly with the Asia area of DAK where it’s located.

Top floor dining room at Yak & Yeti

I made sure to notify the hostess of my allergies and she said no problem that we could just tell the server and the chef would come out (same as Disney owned restaurants). I notified our server, who was excellent, and he said he’d get the chef. The chef then came out and said that I had a fair amount of options and that they could tweak most of the menu options. He said that the Seafood curry was the only thing gluten and dairy free (although he asked if I was ok with coconut milk part b/c of the milk, which made me worry a bit since there’s no real dairy in coconut milk despite the name). He said he could do the tempura shrimp–grilled instead of deep fried in a batter, minus the plum sauce, and served with plain white rice and veggies with garlic and ginger and GF soy sauce. He also said I could get a lime / GF soy sauce mixture on the side. This was all fine with me. He did ask if I had an veggies I didn’t like, which I appreciated, because I really don’t like mushrooms. For dessert, I was hoping to get the sorbet trio, but evidently, they put dairy in it. So, I was offered the frozen lemonade cup.

Modified “Tempura” shrimp

As far as the taste, the food was not bad. My mom referred to the restaurant as somewhere between fast food pan-Asian food and an upscale restaurant. So, it was what we expected. A chain restaurant. The shrimp itself was good–although a bit overseasoned. The veggies were actually quite good (they were a little mushy, which many people would not like, but was good for me b/c I have trouble digesting crunchy veggies b/c of my Crohn’s). The lime / GF sauce was also good, and it was nice over the white rice. I rarely get Asian food when I go out to eat b/c many places cannot accommodate the GF soy sauce, so it was nice to get something out.

The frozen lemonade I had for dessert was the Nestle frozen lemonade, so no surprises there. I wish the sorbet they had didn’t have dairy in it. That’s disappointing!

Frozen lemonade…

Overall, it was good, but not great. I would definitely go again, although it’s not on my to do list. We actually canceled our Jan. ADR so I can eat at 50’s Prime Time again, but I would definitely eat at Yak & Yeti again. I’m pleased that they could easily accommodate me (although I am still surprised by the coconut milk / dairy comment) and fit me in without an ADR. However, I would definitely make sure you make reservations and note your allergies ahead of time; the chefs may be able to make better arrangements ahead of time for you! I’d give this restaurant a 7 out of 10. Solid meal, tasty and filling, and the service was very good.