Marketplace location at DTD

A very empty restaurant!

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is always a nice treat. We were on the DDP this trip, and had not used our CS credits one day, so we decided to use it for breakfast. I had great luck with Wolfgang Puck Express at DTD for lunch on a previous trip, so I thought we’d try it for breakfast. Upon arrival, I asked if they could even make anything. The cashier went to the chefs to ask them what they could make. It was nice because we were the first people in the restaurant, so I didn’t feel like I was backing up the line. The cashier told me they could do an omelet for me. I was able to get an omelet with bacon and onions in it. I also got fruit on the side (I had previously eaten the fruit cup there on my last trip, and it was nice and refreshing). The omelet was very good. I wish I could have gotten some other options in the omelet or some breakfast potatoes (my mom had potatoes w/her food, but it looked like it had cheese in it), but the waitstaff was nice, they offered to get me more fruit, though I politely declined, since I already had fruit.

The famous fruit cup

Bacon and onion omelet

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about this DTD restaurant. I love the food quality and enjoy the few offerings that they have for gluten and dairy free. It’s a nice break from burgers and fries. 8 out of 10 for good service and food–just wish they had a few more options.