Special Diets at WDW:

Vacationing with dietary restrictions can seem like a daunting, practically impossible task. But, a trip to WDW will change your mind about how dietary restrictions and dining can work when done right. In fact, for most WDW and other Disney destinations can become the vacation destination of choice once you experience a trip to “the World” and all it has to offer. I have heard and experienced first hand the commitment and dedication that Disney has to allergies and food intolerances. And I promise, you won’t go hungry or feel deprived on a trip to WDW!

Where do I start?:

The most important part of any vacation with dietary restrictions is planning. Whether you have food intolerances or allergies, planning is a crucial part of planning your vacation. You can start by visiting WDW’s website for special diets:
This will give you some basic information about WDW dietary offerings and tips. Next up, you should email Brenda Bennett at the WDW Special Diets Department. Their email is: [email protected] (and can also be found on the WDW website). Brenda is a wonderful resource for dietary restrictions. She usually gives out attachments with lists of counter service and table service restaurants that best suit your dietary needs. However, these restaurants aren’t the only ones that can cater to your restrictions. In fact, most any restaurant can easily adapt and create options for most dietary restrictions. The sheets you get from Special Diets will help you plan, especially if you are planning on making ADRs at the 90 day mark. I recommend you contact Special Diets at least a few weeks before your 90 day mark so you can go over these sheets. I would also recommend going to Deb Will’s site Allearsnet.com as she has an extensive list of menus from WDW, and they are very current. This will also help with your dining planning.

Making ADRs and Noting Allergies/Intolerances:

Once you have decided on your restaurant plans, you should make ADRs (this is an essential part of WDW dining, but even more essential with dietary restrictions). The nice thing about ADRs is that you can note allergies and intolerances. That way the chefs and waitstaff will be prepared and alerted to your needs when and prior to your arrival. In addition, Special Diets will send you a form to fill out that further indicates your dietary needs and all of your ADRs. I recommend filling this out after all of your ADRs are set. This is a great tool, because it alerts the chefs prior to your visit so that they can call or email you, if necessary, and enables them to order special food items before you arrive.

Other Resources:
In addition to contacting Special Diets and checking out Allearsnet.com for menus, I’d recommend checking out the Disboards forums for more information and tips from fellow travelers with special needs. The disAbilities forum if very helpful!

Keep checking this site for more information regarding special diets!