Here is a list of the vendors from the 1st annual Special Diets Dessert Party 

Udi’s Gluten Free: In just a few years, Udi’s has become the #1 gluten-free brand in America. They also serve Udi’s products at the Walt Disney World Resort. All of their products are gluten-free and many of their products are dairy, soy, and nut free.


HomeFree, Organic Allergy Friendly Treats: Jill Robbins, founder of HomeFree, created a line of delicious, wholesome cookies and cakes, as well as a cookbook full of easy to make allergy friendly recipes. All items are made in a dedicated bakery free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and dairy with all natural or organic ingredients and many are gluten free items.


A&J Bakery: This bakery is home to the world’s only allergy friendly gingerbread house kit. Items are made in a dedicated nut & gluten free facility.


Kinnikinnick Foods: Kinnikinnick provides a wide range of products with special dietary requirements with an uncontaminated, risk free source of food products. Their products are gluten free, nut free, mostly dairy free, and Kosher. They provide donuts and muffins to the Walt Disney World Resort.


Surf Sweets: Surf Sweets natural and organic candy contains no high-fructose corn syrup, is free of artificial flavors or sweeteners, is allergy-friendly, peanut-free, gluten free and totally drenched in fresh fruit flavor! They provide various candy products to the Walt Disney World Resort.


Living Without Magazine: Living Without is for people with food allergies and sensitivities. Easy gluten free and dairy free recipes; the latest medical research; health and wellness.



That’s It Fruit Snack Bars: That’s It snack bars are a healthy gluten free snack that contains only two fruits and that’s it. They are gluten free, vegan, Kosher, and diabetic friendly.


Lucy’s Cookies: Dr. Lucy’s gluten free cookies are made without milk, eggs, peanuts, or tree nuts, but you’d never know it. They taste delicious! They employ the very best allergen control methods to help safeguard families including using a dedicated bakery.

Terri Willingham: Terri Willingham is the author of two food allergy books: Food Allergy Field Guide: A Lifestyle Manual for Families and The Food Allergy Handbook. 
Allergic Living Magazine: Allergic Living is a quarterly magazine providing news, support, recipes, and articles for people dealing with serious food allergies, asthma, and environmental allergies.

Bold Organics: Bold Organics is delivering great news for consumers looking for healthy and delicious frozen pizza. It’s new gluten-free and dairy-free pizzas are great tasting, healthy, and use only the highest quality ingredients, and come in a variety of toppings at a great price. All pizzas are gluten, dairy (lactose, whey, casein), egg, tree, and peanut free.



NoNuttin’ Foods Inc.: NoNuttin Foods provides safe, great tasting snacks that the entire family can enjoy. Products are gluten free certified, dairy free, peanut free, tree nut free, egg free, all natural and Kosher certified. The website has an extensive list of additional allergens and cross contamination information.

Daiya: Daiya cheese products are the perfect substitute for classics like pizza, lasagna, and quesadillas because it melts, stretches, and tastes just like it should. Daiya products are free of dairy (casein, whey and lactose), soy, gluten, eggs, rice, peanuts and tree nuts (except coconut oil). We have our own production facility which eliminates the chance of cross-contamination with other pesky allergens, making our products 100% vegan.

AllerMates: Their mission is to offer kid friendly allergy awareness accessories to help identify and protect kids with allergies! They also love making kids feel good about themselves with the help of our Allermates characters.

Garden Grocer: has been serving residents and visitors to the Central Florida area for over six years. Offering dependable and friendly service, great prices and a wide selection of over 4,800 of your favorite products make Garden Grocer the perfect choice for your grocery needs, including allergy friendly foods. They also deliver to the Walt Disney World Resort.

Better Batter: Better Batter makes flour that can be used cup-for-cup in your own recipes. They are dedicated to making at looking for ways to save you money and put products in your hand that make sense. They also offer special pricing to families with autistic children and those with limited income.
Delight Gluten Free Magazine: This is a quarterly international food & lifestyle publication for people living with food allergies and sensitivities. Filled with enlightening in-depth articles, glossy photographs and gourmet recipes that are delicious as well as adhering to dietary restrictions, it is on par with other popular mainstream food magazines on newsstands today.
 Nana’s Cookie Company: An international gluten free cookie company that bakes a line of vegan and gluten free cookies. Both Nana’s products and facility are certified “Gluten Free” by the Gluten Intolerance Group! Never any dairy, eggs, corn, soy, wheat or other allergens in the Gluten Free cookies.
Van’s Natural Foods: Manufacturer of frozen waffles and breakfast sandwiches in wheat free, gluten free, organic and natural varieties. They have gluten free, dairy free, and egg free waffles, french toast sticks, and pancakes.

Crispy Green: Crispy Green’s® premium Crispy Fruit® and FruitziO® freeze-dried fruit snacks are a healthy, all-natural snack choice for children and adults who want to live a healthier lifestyle and practice better eating habits – without compromising on taste! Crispy Fruit is made of 100% fruit and contains no known allergens except the fruit itself.
Enjoy Life Foods: Enjoy Life has a variety of allergy-friendly and gluten-free foods for you and your family to enjoy! All of the foods are specially made to be gluten-free and free of the 8 most common allergens. They provide a wide variety of products including cookies and chocolate bars to the Walt Disney World Resort.


Food for Life: Food for Life offers a wide variety of delicious gluten free products, including the new Brown Rice Tortillas and two new Yeast Free Gluten Free Breads. All of the Gluten Free products are made with natural and carefully inspected ingredients.



St. Claire’s Organics: St. Claire’s Organics® makes certified organic candy. They manufacture GREAT tasting healthy candy! Their manufacturing facility is dedicated Allergen-free. This means the candy is Wheat-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Casein-free, Soy-free, Egg-free, Peanut-free, Tree nut-free, Corn-free, and Fish and Shellfish-free.



Bee Nut Free: Bee Nut Free, LLC takes great pride in their products.  They require allergy information from each of our suppliers and routinely test their raw ingredients and finished products in order to confidently produce wholesome allergy friendly treats. Look for the bee – and be guaranteed your snack item will ALWAYS be peanut, tree nut, gluten, and dairy free (shellfish free too…thank goodness!)



Allerbling: The AllerblingTM wristband is a unique medical ID bracelet, which is customizable by you, at any time, based on your child’s changing food allergic conditions. The best way to avoid food allergy emergencies is through awareness. As parents, we want our children to be safe. When your child is in school, on playdates, in summer camp, or just hanging out at the playground, Allerbling can be your silent partner that informs and reminds others about your children’s food allergic condition.



Ah!laska: AH!LASKA was the first organic, fat free, and kosher cocoa on the market. It’s fabulously tasty and is a big hit with kids and to anyone who wants a good alternative to the every-day cocoa drinks. AH!LASKA has four delicious products – all made from organic cocoa: Cocoa Mix, Dairy Free Cocoa Mix, Chocolate Syrup, and Baking Cocoa to use when baking cookies, brownies, and cakes.



Mary’s Gone CrackersLooking for delicious Whole Food snacks? Mary’s Gone Crackers has the best Vegan, Organic, and Gluten-Free crackers, cookies and pretzels! They manufacture all of their products—organic, gluten free and vegan crackers, pretzels and cookies in a dedicated gluten free facility.


Hilary’s Eat Well:  Hilary’s Eat Well™ makes delicious, convenient, and amazing food that is always GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE, CORN-FREE, EGG-FREE, SOY-FREE, YEAST-FREE, and NUT-FREE! Their original product, The World’s Best Veggie Burger, made its debut at owner Hilary Brown’s restaurant, Local Burger®, in Lawrence, Kansas. Customer demand was so high that she started Hilary’s Eat Well™. This company brings HIlary’s creations to people who want to live healthy and sustainable lives while eating food that is easy to prepare and that tastes great! 

Stacy’s Gluten Free Goodies: An allergen-free bakery in Tampa, FL. Products are inspired by Stacy’s son who has gluten, egg, and dairy allergies. Once she realized what a huge difference these dietary changes made in her son, she wanted to help other families that also had a need for allergen free baked goods. Stacy’s Gluten Free Goodies was created.



Andean Dream was founded by Ingrid Hirstin Lazcano, a Los Angeles businesswoman, through the inspiration of her husband Fernando, a former Bolivian career diplomat. In 2006, the first Andean Dream cookies were introduced in Whole Foods Markets, and then in 2008 Andean Dream launched its line of quinoa pastas. The five cookie flavors are all gluten free, and do not contain any dairy products, eggs, soy, corn, and nuts.



Pamela’s Products: Provider of wheat-free, gluten-free cookies, specialty mixes and biscotti made from natural ingredients.They have a wide assortment of products that fit a Gluten-free & Casein-free diet. For a complete list of potential allergen ingredients we use please visit our “Allergy Information” page.



El’s Gluten Free Snacks: Medleys and Snaps are crunchy and tasty snacks that appeal to everyone, not just those with gluten issues. Everything in is all natural, gluten-free, nut-free (do you feel more free already?), and has no trans fat; yet it’s full of Omega-3s; it’s high fiber and has whole grains.  Most importantly, it’s got taste. Taste you’ll crave – whether you care about wheat or not. 


Mini Pops: All natural, organic Mini Pops is a delicious snack food made of air popped sorghum grain. With health benefits over popcorn and no hulls to get caught in the teeth. These products are certified organic, gluten free, and kosher. 


Chebe Bread: Chebe gluten free bread mixes and frozen dough are full of flavor and have no aftertaste. That’s because they are naturally gluten free. All Chebe products are free of all grains, soy, potato, yeast and MSG. They are also certified gluten free and carry the Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) symbol. Chebe products are produced in a dedicated 100% gluten free facility.


Gluten Free Passport:  One of the world’s leading educators delivering innovative solutions to enhance quality of healthy lifestyles worldwide. The team also promotes understanding of gluten and allergy free living to facilitate safe customer experiences on a worldwide basis. Learn from apps, books & ebooks for glutenfree diets & food allergies.



Beanitos: Beanitos are always free of corn, wheat, soy, potato, trans fat, cholesterol and are verified non-GMO, gluten free, lab tested and certified low glycemic & kosher! And they’re made with just five, simple, non-GMO ingredients, including whole black beans, whole grain rice, sunflower oil, and sea salt for a delightful flavor. Beanitos are great with your favorite salsa or dip, as a hearty base for nachos, or right out of the bag as a delicious on-the-go snack that really satisfies without the empty calories of other chips.

Tasterie:  Tasterie delivers healthy, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and other allergy-free food and snacks to your doorstep every month. We contact our partners directly to verify that the products we have chosen do not contain allergens. We have a rigorous selection process and we make sure that our partners are aware that we are dealing with life threatening food allergies. If we have a doubt about a product, we will not include that product in our box.



Cocomama: Cocomama’s first product line—Quinoa Cereal—launched in March 2011. It was created for everyone, whether you follow a restricted diet, hike the mountains or pride yourself on being a food aficionado. Cooked in small batches, their Quinoa (keen-wa) Cereal pours out creamy, yet chewy, making it ideal for breakfast. It’s like oatmeal, but even better, with more protein and all nine essential amino acids. And it’s like new (except that it’s made with a 5,000 year-old ancient grain).

The No Biggie Bunch: The smart and whimsical stories of The No Biggie Bunch teach kids when they’re prepared with safe snacks and a ready response, the social challenges of food allergies are “No Biggie”! Read our adventures – focus on fun and all you CAN do and soon you’ll be saying, “No, Biggie,” too! Kids food allergy questions – answered, Caregivers food allergy challenges – solved! 



GFreeConnect: GFreeConnect is where you can receive samples of gluten free products and coupons from brand partners. Living gluten free can certainly be a challenge. This program allows you to save time, money and simplify your life. 


Sweetness Allergy-Friendly Bakery:  At Sweetness all baked goods are free of the following common food allergens: gluten, egg, soy, peanut, tree nut, dairy, and sesame.  The bakery is also organic-aware, in that organic ingredients are used to the extent possible.  Sweetness does not use artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, and preservatives.


Island Gluten Free Bakery: Located in Sarasota, FL, they are some of the pioneers of gluten free bakeries and one of the first brands to use whole grain flours and no white rice flour! Stellar products are similar to wheat like in texture and taste like your old time favorites. Everything is gluten free and wheat free and items are dairy-free and casein-free.

Mad Hatter Foods: Mad Hatter Hot Sauce, the revolutionary super-condiment, elevates the humble chili pepper from simple seasoning to the perfect addition to all your favorite foods. Mad Hatter is made with only the freshest organic ingredients, making it perfect for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eating Joes. It’s also gluten free. 



Namaste Foods: Their fine foods contain no wheat, gluten, corn, soy, potato, dairy, casein, tree nuts or peanuts and are: Carefully made in a dedicated allergen-free facility, Made with NO genetically modified ingredients, Kosher certified, A great value – get more for your money! Disney Catered Events is also using Namaste mixes for our Dessert Party!


Schar: Europe’s #1 gluten-free food brand. Over 30 dedicated gluten-free items in the US make Schar your gluten-free solution for bread, pasta, cookies, and snacks.



New Planet Beer: New Planet Beer was named New Planet as a way to express the company’s desire for a new and invigorated planet. Their purpose is to help everyone celebrate life and to do good things for the planet. It’s core mission is to make great gluten-free beer and to donate a portion of the proceeds to environmental efforts in the areas in which they serve.



Oh My Gluten Free!: Oh My Gluten Free! has created a flour that has been able to mimic the texture of wheat based flour. It tastes good and leaves you wanting more. It was made by someone who has Celiac disease, taste buds, and uses the flour in everyday cooking.



Glutino: Gluten-Free Foods by Glutino & Gluten-Free Pantry make living with celiac disease, gluten intolerance and wheat allergy easy and delicious. As a pioneer in the gluten-free industry, Glutino is committed to creating the best tasting gluten-free products. Their gluten-free products are not distributed until verified acceptable levels of gluten at less than 20ppm (parts per million) through these tests.



Izzi B’s: Izzi B’s Allergen-Free Bakery is a wholesale bakery in Norwalk, CT. Their products are free of gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, all nuts, and casein. No preservatives, no trans-fat, no refined sugar, and cholesterol free. They are also vegan & kosher certified as well as celiac friendly.