Sign Garden Kiosk at Disney's Animal Kingdom

*This visit took place in June 2014.

Sign Garden Kiosk at Disney's Animal Kingdom

It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by the Food Allergy Information Kiosk, also known as the Garden Kiosk, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. When it opened last August, it was a huge deal for those of us with special dietary needs, and I’m so glad that after a year it’s still running at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s just great to see something like this keep going in the parks. It’s an excellent place to stop by for a snack or get information about special dietary needs dining in the Animal Kingdom.

Since my last post update was in November 2013, I thought I would write up a brief post about some of the updates at the kiosk in 2014.

Garden Kiosk Animal Kingdom

Perhaps some of the biggest changes this year include the addition of Toutti brand non-dairy ice cream, either in vanilla or chocolate, Surf Sweets gummy candies, fruit cups, and perhaps the most popular of all…Babycakes NYC Donuts. Since Babycakes NYC’s building closed due to Downtown Disney (aka Disney Springs) construction, there have been relatively few locations in which you could get Babycakes donuts. Thankfully, the Garden Kiosk now serves the cinnamon sugar and vanilla chocolate flavors. When I stopped by around 1 p.m. on a Saturday, they only had a few left, so they are definitely very popular. 

You can check the site for a listing of where you can get Babycakes NYC products now at Disney (this includes the Beach Club Quick Service which also carries donuts).

Gluten free beer & hard cider at Food Allergy Information Kiosk at Disney's Animal Kingdom

The location also carries grab and go fruit, Enjoy Life Cookies, Lundberg Rice Chips, granola bars and more. You can also get Redbridge gluten free beer, Omission Beer (made with gluten ingredients which are later removed in the process), and Angry Orchard hard cider if you fancy a beverage (although, I have to say, I’d recommend a sugar cane mojito at the Dawa bar or the new pineapple soft serve and rum drinks over at Tamu Tamu. I haven’t had the soft serve but I hear it’s delicious!).

While you are at the kiosk, you can also speak to a cast member about the ingredients of products and which menu offerings might be the best choice for your dietary need. I highly recommend using this, especially if you’re dining quick service in the Animal Kingdom, as it is really helpful to know which locations carry the best options for you to eat, saving you time and potential frustration. The cast members are always really helpful, and it’s great to have a one-stop shop for dietary needs.

Overall, I’m so glad that this kiosk is still running successfully at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I hope it continues to stay and serve our special diet community. And maybe they’ll open more kiosks in other parks!

Have you been to the Garden Kiosk? What did you think of this special diets focused location in the Animal Kingdom?