Allergy friendly chicken tenders ABC Commissary

*Please note that this top ten list restaurant offerings were accurate at the time they were written. Disney menus may change without notice and restaurants may be under refurbishment during your vacation. The recommendations in this top 10 list are my own opinion. 

When it comes to quick service locations for children, your kiddos have lots of Disney World favorites. In fact, it was hard to narrow it down to just the Top 10 Quick Service Restaurants for Kids with a Special Diet after hearing the response from you, the readers! However, I narrowed the list down to the most popular locations that you shared with me. And I bet your kiddos would agree!

10. Pizza Planet (Hollywood Studios): There is no doubt that your children will love Pizza Planet, located in Hollywood Studios! The location offers gluten free and allergy friendly pizzas that are a bargain. The current kids meal pizza offerings include a full-size adult special diets pizza at the price of a kids meal! (Who says you can’t share?!) On top of the great and reasonably priced food options, kids will adore the arcade located in this restaurant. In fact, they might not want to even eat their pizza because they are having so much fun. Tip: Let your kids play in the arcade area while you order special diets meals. It will make any lengthy wait go by much quicker.

9. Everything Pop (Pop Century): If you’re staying at a value resort, Everything Pop, located in Pop Century Resort is one of the best quick service locations for tons of variety and tasty fare that kiddos are sure to love. From the brightly colored atmosphere and the gift shop next door to the delicious and whimsical food offerings, your children will enjoy the food served here. Chefs are great at making custom dishes here, and finicky eaters will appreciate the palate pleasing choices – including lots of sandwich offerings. With its retro vibe, kids will definitely think this restaurant is “Dyno-mite!”

Pop Century Everything Pop Sandwich

8. Liberty Inn (Epcot): When it comes to burgers, fries, and allergy chicken tenders in Epcot, Liberty Inn is your place to go. Just because it offers standard fare doesn’t mean that this place isn’t anything special. It’s a fantastic spot with lots of special diets offerings and lots of seating. And your kiddos will love that. There’s also plenty of places for them to hang out and burn off some energy while you wait for your food. And it’s the perfect mid-way stop in the World Showcase (and is also a Disney owned restaurant, unlike many locations in the World Showcase). Hit this location during the live entertainment at the American Garden Theater and you’ll definitely be able to “Eat to the Beat.”

7. Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory (Port Orleans French Quarter): I can’t blame your kiddos for saying that Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory is one of their favorites. Those gluten free and food allergy beignets are pretty awesome! Get them morning, noon, and night (you may all be on a sugar high if you get them for breakfast) at this quick service location. And don’t forget the rest of the food here. It’s very ‘Nawlins inspired and totally delicious.

Gluten free beignets

6. ABC Commissary (Hollywood Studios): When I’m at Hollywood Studios, this is my go-to spot for allergy chicken tenders. With french fries from a dedicated fryer, these are the perfect on the go meal while in the park. The menu has lots of offerings, which your children are sure to enjoy (adventurous kids could even try the gluten free Buffalo chicken sandwich). And bonus, this restaurant is air conditioned! Your family will thank you on a hot Florida summer day.

Allergy friendly chicken tenders ABC Commissary

5. Pizzafari (Animal Kingdom): This restaurant is totally a walk on the wild side. From the fun decor to the food, your children will be really excited to eat at this quick service location. Did you know they have at least 4 different kinds of non-dairy cheese on hand? That means custom special diets pizzas for the kiddos (and you too!). Check by the Food Allergy Info Kiosk in the park beforehand to see what cheeses and crusts are on hand. That will save you and the little ones valuable in park attraction time!

4. Cooke’s of Dublin (Downtown Disney): When it comes to quick service and fried foods there are just a few standout locations that have the frying down to an art. Cooke’s of Dublin, located in Downtown Disney, is one of them. Children will have a ton of options including: fish and chips, shrimp and chips, scallops and chips, onion rings, and chicken tenders and chips. My personal favorite are the shrimp and chips, and your kids are bound to have a favorite too. This restaurant can get rather crowded so grab a seat in the outdoor patio and enjoy or take it to go!

Shrimp and chips

3. Columbia Harbour House (Magic Kingdom): When it comes to frying, this is my other top quick service location! And boy, does Columbia Harbour House have the best fried allergy chicken tenders on property. And you all agreed. Many of you said this is the “best” spot to take your kids to when it comes to the chicken tenders. This location also offers a handy special diets menu, which helps streamline your wait time before you speak to a manager (of course, if you’re like me, the ONLY choice is the chicken tenders). To add to the awesomeness of this restaurant is the spacious upstairs. It’s a great spot for kids to rest and recharge while you’re in the park.

2. Be Our Guest Restaurant (Magic Kingdom): Eating in Beast’s castle? How cool is that? Your children will totally agree. The atmosphere in here just can’t be beat. From the grand ballroom to the West Wing (*note: some kiddos might be scared by this room), your kids will be enchanted by this restaurant, which opens as a quick service for lunch. The food is really down-to-earth and offers terrific prices. From turkey sandwiches to roast beef, your little princes and princesses will gobble up this fare, fit for royalty.

Turkey Sandwich Be Our Guest Restaurant

1. Restaurantosaurus (Animal Kingdom): Hands down, you said your favorite spot for kiddos was Restaurantosaurus. And this spacious quick service location offers up the trifecta of awesomeness: great allergy friendly meal options, cool decor (dinosaurs!!) and music that will keep them entranced, and lots of space! Word on the street is you can get a gluten free hot dog on a bun topped with…gluten free mac & cheese! How fun is that? They also serve basic sandwiches and the much loved allergy chicken tenders. There is plenty to keep your kids entertained here, and they’ll want to come back again and again.

So there you have it. The Top 10 Quick Service Restaurants for Kids with a Special Diet as voted on by you the readers.

What are your kid’s favorites?