Gourmet Burger at Territory Lounge

*This dining experience took place in August 2017. 

Dinner at Territory Lounge

Territory Lounge, located at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort, is a charming and cozy lounge area with drinks and limited food options. Brandon and I stopped by here recently for a late evening nightcap and a bite to eat after a movie at Disney Springs. We hadn’t been to Territory Lounge in a while, and I’d never tried any of the food offerings there, so with that in mind, we decided to check things out.


The Wilderness Lodge Resort is one of my all-time favorite resorts at Disney. I just love the rustic theme. It always feels like you’re in the Pacific Northwest and far away from the palm trees and humidity of Florida — so it’s a welcome place to visit and even chill and relax when you need a break from the parks.

Wilderness Lodge

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

The Territory Lounge has always been a favorite Disney bar/lounge for me because of how dark and cozy it is. It just feels like a good place to sit with a drink, chat with friends, and relax.

Territory Lounge Menu

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

Unfortunately, on this visit, we noticed one major change. The lighting.

It was super bright and almost a bit jarring when we walked in. We asked a server about the lighting, and said that they recently had to increase the lighting for security reasons. This seems slightly odd given that there are plenty of other dark-ish locations on property, but I suppose it’s up to the resort whether they want to keep the lighting more brightly lit or not.

I kind of hope they go back to the dimmer lighting, but for now…it’s bright.

Territory Lounge Interior

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

Territory Lounge does have lots of artwork in it, and I love the mural of a map on the ceiling. It’s all very cozy, and you feel like a roaring fire should be going while you enjoy a good drink.

The Food

Having only ever dined at Territory Lounge for drinks before, we were curious about the food. Unfortunately, we arrived a bit too late in the evening, as Artist Point had just closed. And, certain dishes are only served during Artist Point’s business hours.

Territory Lounge Menu

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

As we mulled over the options, we did get some drinks. One of my favorite things about Territory Lounge are the drink swizzle sticks. Check out the adorable Wilderness Lodge branded ones. They make terrific (and free!) souvenirs for trip. I have a nice little collection of Disney themed swizzle sticks at home, so I can have a bit of Disney with me when I make drinks at home.

Territory Lounge Gin & Tonics

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

Brandon ordered the Poutine, a classic dish of fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Unfortunately, they were not gluten free. They looked amazing though, and I totally wish I could have ordered them.

Gourmet Burger at Territory Lounge

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

I didn’t have a lot of options available since Artist Point was closed, so I ended up getting the Gourmet Burger with Land Lettuce, Tomato, House Pickles, Truffle Fries, and Aïoli. This dish is served on a gluten free bun and can be made dairy free by omitting cheese.

First up, the good part of this dish. The truffle fries and aioli (aka mayonnaise). Holy moly. These were outstanding. Truly delicious and amazing. Dipping the fries in the aioli was the perfect combination, and I never turn down a delicious plate of fries smothered in truffle oil. So good. I would hands down order these again, and honestly, probably just ask for a side of these if I needed a snack.

The bad part of the dish was the burger. It was, unfortunately, a bit of a disaster. It’s not often that I have a truly terrible dish at Disney, but this one was pretty bad. The bun was poorly heated and very crumbly. But, the real bummer was the burger itself which was super dry, bland, and very overcooked (I ordered it medium).

Worst of all was the condiment on the burger. It didn’t note that it had any sauce on it on the menu. But, it came with this dreadful, almost marinara-like sauce. It was not quite marinara and not quite a tomato jam. It was sweet but odd tasting, and just not good. As a self-proclaimed condiment queen, I almost never dislike a condiment, but this one was just terrible.

While I would hands down order the fries again, I would not get the burger again, unless it was radically changed. One thing we learned from this visit. Stick to the appetizer basics and staples and go someplace else for a more substantial and flavorful meal, like Geyser Point Bar & Grill at the Wilderness Lodge DVC villas.


While I adore the theming of Territory Lounge, this visit had some major bummers — including the bright lighting and not so great burger. This used to be such a favorite spot for me, that it makes it even more of a bummer. We’ll probably be skipping this lounge for a while and stick with some of our favorites like the Wave or Hangar Bar — both of which have better lighting, atmosphere, and food.

Have you been to Territory Lounge? What did you get when you dined here?