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As a silver sponsor of the 2nd Annual Special Diets Dessert Party weekend, Taste Up Foods supplied our guests with Strawberry Mini Pies called Crostallegra. Taste Up Foods focuses on high quality gluten free products made in Italy, as Italy’s Gluten Free market is more advanced than the United States. In fact, in Italy, the analysis of celiac disease and various levels of Gluten intolerance has been divided into approximately 16 levels of severity. Wow! It’s pretty amazing to see how a country that has tons of gluten based dishes really does focus on creating safe gluten free products. It was great to have some of their items at the Dessert Party Weekend. I wasn’t able to consume the strawberry mini pies, due to dairy in their products, but I heard lots of raves about the quality and taste of these goodies.

Recently, Taste Up Foods sent me samples of gluten free and dairy free cookies produced by their manufacturer Vidafree. This is a gluten free manufacturer in Italy. Unfortunately, these cookies are made in a facility with other products containing dairy, and we weren’t able to determine their safety for dairy allergy (though I’m told that Italy has equally strict guidelines for dairy and other food allergy testing) My family graciously offered to test taste the rest of the batch (they have such a hard job, right?!).


The cookies were a lemon biscuit — which is almost like a shortbread (minus the butter). You can smell a light lemony flavor on these cookies. I wish that I personally could have enjoyed these because my goodness they smelled amazing! Everyone said the texture was great and the flavor was subtle but good. They said the cookies weren’t overly lemony but delicious.

Overall, based on the reviews from my family and from the guests who enjoyed the Crostallegra I’d say that Taste Up Foods has some really great authentic Italian gluten free products. I’m still wowed that a country so heavily based in gluten can offer such strict testing and quality products. It’s very impressive!

You can find out more information about Taste Up Foods, including where to purchase their products, on their website.

*Note: Taste Up Foods provided items for this product review; however, this review and the opinions written here are my own thoughts.