Star Wars Galactic Dine-In

*This dining experience took place in June 2014.

Note: The Star Wars™ Dine-In Galactic Breakfast is a special character dining experience that took place during the 2014 Star Wars™ Weekends.

Star Wars Galactic Dine-In

This year’s Star Wars™ Weekends offered several new meal experiences: Star Wars™ Dine-In Galactic Breakfast and Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars™ Dine at Hollywood and Vine. Of course, as soon as I heard the announcement about these two meals, I had to make sure to go to both of them. They sounded like awesome events and as a Star Wars™ fan, they were totally up my alley.

My family and I attended the Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars™ Dine at Hollywood and Vine during the first Star Wars™ Weekends in May and had a great time. I was pleased to see the special diets offerings available and really enjoyed the experience. We had heard tons of buzz about the character breakfast at Sci-Fi Dine In and were really excited to check it out! 

First up, I have to say that this was a very popular breakfast. When we got there during our visit at 8:30 a.m. it was pretty packed. Our reservation wasn’t until 9:10 a.m. but we checked in and figured we’d just hang out and take in the atmosphere (we’d already rode Star Tours at 8 a.m. so bonus for us. Nothing says Star Wars™ Weekends like riding Star Tours early on in the day!). Imagine our surprise when we got called about 10 minutes later. Talk about going light speed to our breakfast! 

Before our breakfast, we took a minute to pose with Darth Vader and Boba Fett. My family were wearing Rebel Spy t-shirts which did NOT make Darth Vader happy. And Boba Fett decided he wasn’t too thrilled with me either. The reactions they gave us were priceless. 

Then it was off to the Sci-Fi Dine In dining area where we took in the sights and transformation which suited the character meal really well. 

Sci-Fi Dine In Star Wars Weekends

On the screen, you got to watch Star Wars clips and even the special 1978 Christmas Special. Talk about awesome and corny all at the same time.  

Our server greeted us and the very first thing she asked was, “Does anybody have an allergy or special dietary need.” This was great because they made sure to ask right away. She took our drink orders and then got the chef while we looked over the menus and check out our surroundings.

Sci Fi Dine In

Breakfast is a fixed price and includes a plate of breakfast pastries per guest, a choice of fruit & yogurt with granola or just fruit, an entree, and drinks of your choice. There’s also a special dessert surprise, but more on that later…

The chef greeted me with a plate of breakfast pastries knowing that I couldn’t have gluten or dairy. I have to say, it’s really hard to see what you’re getting on your plate, so taking a picture was about the only way I could identify my treats. I got an Udi’s blueberry muffin and chocolate chip muffin, and a Kinnikinnick cinnamon sugar donut. All things I really enjoy! 

Breakfast Pastries at Sci Fi Dine In during Star Wars Weekends

I was also served fresh fruit with some cute Star Wars inspired cut-outs. Yoda as melon…adorable! If your’e like me and not a melon fan…beware. The fruit salad is mostly honeydew and other melons. Not really my most favorite. I could go for grapes, pineapple and strawberries, but as with most fruit cups, they weren’t too plentiful. 

Fruit Salad at Sci-Fi Dine In during Star Wars Weekends

Another great feature of the clips is that they show Star Wars™ Weekends specific things, like weekend host James Arnold Taylor and even information about characters walking around. It was all perfectly themed, and I have to say really made the meal experience feel special. 

Sci Fi Dine In during Star Wars Weekends

For my entree, I ordered the Tatooine Sunrise which included bacon, sausage (which I exchanged for extra bacon), scrambled eggs, and breakfast potatoes. The potatoes that normally come with it contain dairy, so I was given garlic roasted fingerling potatoes. And they were delicious! Very well seasoned and cooked. The rest of the meal was good. I wouldn’t say anything special but well cooked and hearty. Enough to feed a Wookie, that’s for sure. 

Tatooine Sunrise at Sci Fi Dine In during Star Wars Weekends

And speaking of more food…I asked if there were any other options available to me for gluten free and dairy free breakfast. They did carry Van’s waffles, which I opted to skip. I like Van’s but they aren’t the same as my beloved allergy Mickey waffles. I did however, order a side of the shrimp that accompanies the shrimp and grits. And these were a yummy and delicious add on to my meal!  

Side of Shrimp at Sci Fi Dine in during Star Wars Weekends

Throughout our meal, we were treated to Star Wars™ music and film clips and also got to meet lots of Star Wars™ characters. One caveat, lighting in Sci-Fi Dine In can be a challenge. My mom got a shot of me and Greedo but the flash wasn’t on. The photo turned out pretty dark, which I had originally posted here, but thanks to reader Ron G., who worked some Disney pixie dust on it, it looks awesome! (Thanks, Ron!!)

Sarah with Greedo at Sci Fi Dine In Star Wars Weekends

Stormtroopers were around a lot. As I said quite frequently to them, “This is not the breakfast you are looking for!” Of course, they really got into things and lots of stormtrooper hijinks ensued!  

Stormtrooper at Sci Fi Dine In during Star Wars Weekends

Once we finished our meal, we were also treated to a special dessert. Another nice touch was that this cast member also asked about special dietary needs. Unfortunately, the dessert contained dairy (but it was gluten free!). I was able to get a bowl of fresh strawberries. My family did like the dessert, it seems like it was a pudding/custard of some type with pop rock type fruit in them. Talk about a galactic treat!  

Sci Fi Dine In Dessert Surprise during Star Wars Weekends

Jawas sign at Sci Fi Dine In during Star Wars WeekendsPerhaps my most favorite thing about the character breakfast were the Jawas. Omigosh. Were these guys adorable! They roamed the character breakfast and yes, if you had something shiny and interesting, they were into trading with you. My family decided to see what would entice the Jawas and they sure do like Star Wars™ bling. My stepdad traded them a Magic Band Star Wars™ gadget, and they were pretty thrilled. 

Jawa at Sci Fi Dine in during Star Wars Weekends

One thing is that they don’t talk, and you have to translate what they say by their gestures. It took me entirely too long to figure out this Jawa needed to go get the other Jawa’s trading pouch. Yep, clearly I needed C3P0 because I do not speak Jawa! When they returned, they made the trade (a shiny limited edition cast member pin) and a spoon. Because apparently, I needed a spoon. Thanks Jawas!  

Spoon from the Jawas at Sci Fi Dine In During Star Wars Weekends

Overall, I had a fabulous time at the breakfast. In fact, the whole family thought out of the two character meals this was by far and away our favorite. It wasn’t cheap by any means at nearly $50 but for a once a year experience, we would definitely do it again. It had nice gluten free and dairy free meal options, and the food was quite good too. 

I give this Star Wars™ character meal a solid 8 out of 10. By far and away of our favorite things to do during Star Wars™ Weekends 2014. And those Jawas? They totally made the meal too! 

Have you been to the Star Wars™ Character Breakfast at Sci-Fi Dine In?