Sci-Fi Dine In Breakfast

*This dining experience took place in May 2015.

Note: The Star Wars™ Dine-In Galactic Breakfast is a special character dining experience that took place during the 2015 Star Wars™ Weekends.

Sci Fi Galactic Dine In Screen

Star Wars Weekend Host James Arnold Taylor talks about the weekend festivities during your breakfast!

Last year, Star Wars™ Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios offered several new meal experiences: Star Wars™ Dine-In Galactic Breakfast and Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars™ Dine at Hollywood and Vine. I dined at both locations and had a great time, especially at the Star Wars™ Dine-In Galactic Breakfast at Sci-Fi Dine In

For the 2015 Star Wars™ Weekends, we decided to make reservations for the Sci-Fi Dine-In Galactic breakfast for the first Star Wars™ Weekend. We were excited to get into the weekend spirit with a terrific early morning breakfast. 

Before we arrived, we made sure to get our ride on. Nothing says Star Wars™ Weekends like an 8 a.m. ride on Star Tours! After our flight to Endor, we headed to the Sci-Fi Dine-In. The check-in area was busy, but we only had a short wait (about 10 minutes or “light speed” in Star Wars-speak) before we were moved to the photo line. The Star Wars™ Dine-In Galactic Breakfast is pricey $49.99 per person (for adults) and $31.99 per child (under 9), but we found that for a once a year experience to us, it was worth it. 

First up, before you get seated, you get moved to a photo opportunity with Boba Fett and Darth Vader (who are not walking around the dining area). Last year this photo opportunity was included with your dining experience; however, as I later learned — this year it was not. That was a bummer because if I had known I would have asked to have the Photopass photographer take a photo on my iPhone. Boba Fett and Darth Vader really got into character and before you knew it, Boba Fett was pushing you out of the way…Puts a whole new meaning to the Star Wars quote “Move along, nothing to see here.” 

Sci-Fi Dine is set to resemble an old drive-in, so you get to sit in “cars.” I love the atmosphere and the big screen showing Star Wars™film clips is really fun! They even showed previews from the latest Star Wars™film coming out in December 2015. 

Sci Fi Dine In Gluten Free Menu

After being seated, I was presented with a gluten free and nut free menu for breakfast. Because I am also dairy free, the server said they would get the chef to go over options. The breakfast was very similar to last year’s offerings, so I had a good sense of what might be available. I didn’t ask about the waffles, but last year they were Van’s gluten free waffles, not the allergy Mickey waffles I adore. If you’re curious about where to find allergy Mickey waffles at Disney, check out my Allergy Mickey waffles location guide

Sci Fi Dine In Gluten Free Menu

I decided to order the Tatooine Sunrise, which is what I ordered last year. However, I subbed out the regular scrambled eggs with the eggs, crab and asparagus from the Dune Sea entree. I also asked for a side of the paprika dusted shrimp from the shrimp & grits entree, which I got last year (and were delicious). You can read the full gluten free and nut free menu offerings at Sci-Fi Dine In Galactic Breakfast on the menu page (including the kids menu).

Sci Fi Dine In

While waiting for our first course, which was breakfast pastries, we took in the sights and sounds of the Sci-Fi Dine In! And of course, several characters including Storm Troopers, Jawas, and Greedo were wandering about throughout the meal to take photos, sign autographs, and (in the case of those pesky Jawas) trading shiny things! 

Star Wars Weekends Sci Fi

The breakfast at the Star Wars™ Dine-In Galactic Breakfast is a la carte with several courses brought to your table. Up first is a pastry course. I was served three items:

I was brought the plate before the chef could explain, so make sure to ask if you are unsure about products. As a side note, it’s really dark in Sci-Fi Dine In, so as a part of your meal, you get a light saber glo stick! Of course, photos require a lot of flash, so be prepared. 

Sci Fi Breakfast Pastries

The next course served is fruit or a yogurt parfait. Since yogurt is out for me, the only dairy free option is fresh fruit. Last year, they offered a fruit bowl that was almost entirely melon. Sure, the Melon shaped Yoda head was adorable but melon is not my personal favorite. In fact, it’s my least favorite fruit. I asked if I could get mixed fruit or strawberries and was brought a fresh bowl of strawberries for my fruit option. 

Fruit Sci Fi Dine In Breakfast

While we were waiting for our entree, our friends the Jawas decided to make an appearance (they stopped by twice at our table; they knew a good trading group when they found it). Jawas like shiny things (last year, they brought me a spoon… because well, it’s shiny!) and they loveStar Wars™ inspired items. Case in point, last year we traded Star Wars™Magic Band decor. This year, it was all about pin trading, and the first round we got a Phineas & Ferb pin, which got later traded for a Star Wars™ coin/medallion. Remember folks, there’s no harm in trying to trade up with the Jawas. 

Jawas Sci Fi Breakfast

Jawas looking to make a trade!

My entree and side dish arrived, and good thing — I was as hungry as a Wookie. The bacon and sausage were delicious (no stringy Disney bacon there!) and the roasted potatoes with garlic were just as delicious as the year before. The crab and asparagus scrambled eggs were yummy, and something I’d definitely get again. And the shrimp was equally delicious. 

Sci-Fi Dine In Breakfast

Throughout the meal, we took photo breaks with Greedo and the Storm Troopers. Though, I had to keep telling the Storm Troopers that my breakfast was “not the breakfast they were looking for.” Those silly Storm Troopers never learned…

Sci Fi Galactic Breakfast

“Move along…nothing to see here.”

Greedo Sci Fi Dine In

“Sure, Greedo…I don’t think you shot first.”

Last year’s breakfast ended with a special dessert, which was not included at this year’s breakfast. I don’t think any of us missed it, as we were all pretty much feeling like Jaba the Hutt after our breakfast. We definitely did not go hungry.

Overall, my family loves this special breakfast experience at Sci-Fi Dine In during Star Wars™ Weekends. It’s one we’ll continue to go to every year because we had so much fun! I was pleased to see the new gluten free and nut free menu this year and hope they continue to improve the offerings each year! 

If you want to read more about the breakfast and see other photos, check out the Disney Food Blog for non-special diets related info from last year

Have you been to the Star Wars™ Dine-In Galactic Breakfast? What did you think of the offerings?