Bratwurst at Sommerfest

*This dining experience took place in June 2013.

Forget the pretzels und beer! A visit to Sommerfest will make you forget about those glutenous treats. The menu is extremely limited, but those who are gluten free & dairy free will rejoice in being able to enjoy a bratwurst or frankfurter on a GF/DF bun.

Entrance to Sommerfest

This was my first visit to Sommerfest. I had never thought of going because it didn’t seem like they’d be able to really accommodate or even have GF/DF buns. I had heard though that GF/DF diners would indeed be able to get a GF/DF bun and that the bratwurst and frankfurter, as well as the sauerkraut were naturally GF. On a whim, my brother and I decided to go there for a snack.

Limited menu

When you enter the pavilion, you expect a larger QS but really it’s more like a kiosk with tables. It’s located close to Biergarten, so it can often get busy in there with folks waiting for their ADRs. When I was at the cash register, I said that I was gluten free/dairy free. The CM said that the bratwurst and frankfurters were safe as was the sauerkraut and that they bring out an allergy bun. She said it might take a bit for the bun, as she paged someone–it turned out that they get their buns, etc. from Biergarten.

While I waited, I observed how the kiosks runs. I would say if you are a Celiac, you may want to clear your choice with the chef and make sure it comes out from a safe area. I didn’t think too much about it, until I realized there are pretzels in the same area, and of course, regular buns. When the chef came out from Biergarten, I confirmed with him again that these options would be safe, and he said “yes.”

Bratwurst with sauerkraut on an Udi’s GF/DF bun

I have to say, I’ve been really scoring with the Udi’s buns lately. It seems like they are at more locations than I previously thought, or I’ve just been going to a lot of places where the GNI buns have replaced the Udi’s. Man there’s a big difference. For those who can have eggs, they are a different world from the GNI buns. I was really glad to see them at Sommerfest because for a bratwurst and sauerkraut you need a sturdy bun.

Taste-wise, I found both the bratwurst and sauerkraut to be really mild in flavor. I’m not a big ‘kraut fan, but this I could totally eat easily and really enjoyed. They have plain mustard, but make sure to ask for some from the back b/c they are at self serve stations and cross contamination could occur.

While this is a pretty basic kiosk, it was great to try something different. I really liked the bratwurst. It was the perfect evening snack. And of course, I was glad to have that Udi’s bun!

There aren’t a lot of options at this location, so I wouldn’t consider this a great place for allergies. I’d say it’s good for what it is, but not a great spot for a meal. A solid 7 out of 10 for this experience.

Have you been to Sommerfest or Biergarten? What was your experience?