Gluten free beignets Port Orleans French Quarter

*This dining experience took place in October 2013.

View of lobby in Port Orleans French Quarter

This is a brief review of POFQ’s quick service location Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory for breakfast. As I’ve mentioned in my recent reviews, this is the place to be for New Orleans inspired cuisine on property. From the Mardis Gras vibe to the amazing beignets, there’s just a terrific vibe in this resort & restaurant.

On this particular visit, I stopped by with my friend Alexis from Gluten Free in Orlando ( We caught up right before my very first runDisney race (Happy Haunted 5K), and it was great to indulge in some beignets before I got myself prepared for the big race day. We both knew we were going to get the now famous GF/DF beignets that Chef Tony & the rest of the POFQ team serves up. I may have a slight beignet addiction right now!

We were lucky because Chef Tony was also at the restaurant that morning, and we were able to say “hi” and chat briefly. He’s been a very busy guy with Food & Wine Festival season doing culinary demos, Party for the Senses, and even being in the cranberry bog! So, it was a nice treat to be able to say hello!

Another Disney CM took our beignet order, and I also ordered some scrambled eggs & bacon as well. As much as I love the sweets I knew I needed some pre-race day protein, particularly as I was heading to the expo center to pick up my bib and then meet up with some friends which meant food might be elusive for a while!

And, of course, I was not disappointed. These beignets were amazing as always. I will say that right now I think the recipe is just right! I love the puffiness of them and how light they are. The chewiness that I mentioned the 1st time I had them has definitely gone away. These are just terrific! I have to say anything deep fried and smothered in powdered sugar is just A-OK to me!

Beignet deliciousness!
Scrambled eggs & bacon

As far as my eggs & bacon, I’m going to give some big credit to the CM who made these. I believe her name was Molly. These were really good! I’m going to say probably the best cooked QS scrambled eggs that I’ve ever had. I’m not kidding! They were delicious. Not overcooked and flavorful! I was very pleased with these. It’s rare that a QS doesn’t completely overcook my scrambled eggs (and I can’t fault them, they are handling large quantities), so this was pretty awesome! The bacon was the typical bacon you get in the QS locations. Nothing special, but hey, bacon is bacon right?!

Overall, I found this to be a really nice morning breakfast. I have to say the beignets just knock it out of the park as a breakfast choice! It certainly gave me a nice sugar boost to get through the rest of the day, which was very busy!

I’d give this a solid 8 out of 10 as far as QS go, this is one of my favorites! The fact that I can get beignets morning, noon, and night makes me swoon!

Have you tried the fabulous allergy friendly beignets yet?