Tucked in the back of the Wilderness Lodge, is Roaring Forks, a cozy counter service. I only ate here once, but I could see that the options weren’t as plentiful as value and moderate resort CS offer; however, I did find the quality to still be high. After arriving our first day, we went down to Roaring Forks for lunch. The offerings include salads, deli sandwiches, and items from the grill (such as hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, etc.). Upon arrival, I asked the Cast Member behind the salad area about allergy assistance (i.e. can I see a manager?), another Cast Member, who was clearly more experienced, came up and said she would be able to assist me. She then began giving me options of items that would be good. She suggested a Chicken, Apple, and Walnut salad. It had iceberg and romaine lettuce, with candied walnuts, diced apples, grilled chicken and an apple type vinaigrette. She said she would omit the cheese (maybe blue cheese came with it? I can’t recall) and no croutons. She also used clean gloves and a fresh bowl. She gave me extra chicken as well. I tend to avoid a lot of salads because of Crohn’s disease, which makes it harder to digest the fresh veggies. However, it did sound tasty and the CM put plenty of protein in it to help. Boy, I’m glad I got this one. It was delicious! I also did not get sick from the lettuce or the vinaigrette.

A very tasty salad!

Overall, I would give this counter service a 8 out of 10. Service was good, food was tasty, just wished there would have been more variety.