Chocolate Cake Raglan Road

*This dining experience took place in February 2015. 

Raglan Road Irish Pub

Raglan Road Irish Pub located in Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs) is always my favorite table service restaurant to go to the in the Downtown Disney area. It’s so good, and how can you resist all the gluten free (and dairy free) deep fried goodness that they serve up here? Their gluten free and dairy free fish and chips are the real deal.

On this particular occasion, I was joined by my friend Alexis from Gluten Free in Orlando (you can read her lunch reviews of Raglan Road HERE) and my brother. I had emailed the Raglan Road team ahead of time because they debuted a new spring menu, and I was curious about the offerings and if any of the new desserts could be made gluten free and dairy free.

I was excited to hear that I could order the chocolate cake with advance notice gluten free and dairy free and that the strawberry crumble could also be made dairy free (it’s already gluten free). The restaurant did ask for 24 hours notice to request the chocolate cake. You can contact them on their website for more info. 

For an appetizer, I had been wanting to try the Dalkey Duo which is gluten free and dairy free fried sausages with a Dalkey mustard. I have to say that while this was good, I’m not sure it would be a repeat on my appetizer rotation — the Raglan Road onion rings and scallops are definitely crowd-pleasers and would be my first picks for appetizers.  

Sausages Raglan Road

The sausages themselves were quiet good, but more like a bratwurst than a smoked sausage which is what I was expecting. You get a decent sized portion (9 sausages), but these are definitely a sharing appetizer, as they were quite heavy and greasy. The mustard was a nice accompaniment as it cut the greasiness down a lot.  

Lobster Club Sandwich at Raglan Road

For my entree, I chose the lobster club with avocado and french fries. The sandwich came on a gluten free and dairy free bun. When I had visited Raglan Road for brunch, I got the same bun and was told that they ordered it from a local bakery. On this visit, the manager told me that they make it in-house, adhering to cross-contamination standards while baking. The bun itself tasted like an Udi’s Gluten Free bun to me, so I hope to investigate this further to find out if they are made locally or in-house.  

The lobster club itself was very good. Sometimes lobster salad can be over-mayonnaised (not sure that’s a word but that’s the best way I can describe the over-use of mayo) or overly seasoned (case in point – the lobster club at Artist’s Palette at Saratoga Springs), but this version was perfect. The creaminess of the avocado and butteriness of the lobster were terrific together. This would definitely be a sandwich I’d order again. 

Chocolate Cake Raglan Road


For my dessert, I was surprised to see a fairly large gluten free and dairy free chocolate cake. This is definitely for splitting! The cake itself was good — not overly sweet or rich. I would have liked to see a bit more of a fudgy texture (more like a lava cake), but it was still a great choice. The real winner to this dish was the fruit that accompanied it. It was so delicious and paired very well with the cake. With a touch Cointreau, everyone at the table agreed that the fruit was really delicious (yes, I made them all try it!).

Overall, I enjoyed my lunch at Raglan Road. While I wouldn’t probably order the sausages again (just too heavy for me), I wouldn’t hesitate to pre-order the chocolate cake from Raglan Road. They do such a terrific job at handling special diets diners, and I’m glad they continue to be my go-to restaurant in Downtown Disney. 

Have you been to Raglan Road Irish Pub? What are your favorite dishes to order?