Raglan Road Chicken Sandwich

*This dining experience took place in January 2015.

Raglan Road Irish Pub

Whenever I want a bit of the luck of the Irish and some amazing gluten free fried food options, I always head to Raglan Road Irish Pub located in Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs). With an extensive amount of gluten free (and dairy free) food offerings, they have been voted one of the best restaurants in Orlando for gluten free diners.

I’ve enjoyed many meals here and typically order the fabulous gluten free fish and chips or their citrus salmon salad. I’ve never been disappointed with my meals here. One of the things I’ve been dying to do is try their brunch offerings on Sunday.

And thankfully, I had the opportunity recently to meet up with friends Alexis from Gluten Free in Orlando and Amanda from Eating Out Without for brunch (none of us had ever been). You can read the reviews of their brunch meals on each of their blogs!  

Raglan Road Irish Dancers

If you love live entertainment, the Rollicking Raglan Brunch serves up traditional Irish folk music and dancing. We were close to both the stage and the dancing stage in the middle of the dining room. It can be pretty noisy in there, but there are breaks in between sets. If you’re interested in a more quiet area of the restaurant, just ask the hostess.  

We were greeted by our server that day who asked us first thing if anyone had special dietary needs. I love that Raglan Road always asks this early on in the dining experience. Our server was very knowledgeable in options and very willing to ask the kitchen any questions that we might have. She also let us know that the restaurant was now carrying a gluten free and dairy free bun that was available for sandwiches (you can’t get it with anything but sandwiches at this time due to limited supply). 

Ever the curious one, I decided to order a sandwich as many of the breakfast-type brunch offerings didn’t appeal to me. Many were gluten free but very few were dairy free, so I stuck to the regular menu. I ordered a side of gluten free and dairy free onion rings with the Pancetta and Chicken sandwich. 

Onion Rings Raglan Road

First up, came the onion rings. I do love a good onion ring, but my biggest complaint with them has always been a lack of a dip. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a house-made remoulade brought with the onion rings. Hurrah! I will say that if I hadn’t ever had the remoulade from Port Orleans I would proclaim this version to be my favorite at Disney; however, I have to say that the Port Orleans one trumps the Raglan Road version any day. It was still a great sauce but nothing compared to the amazing version at Port Orleans restaurants.

A few notes about the gluten free fried foods at Raglan Road. They are currently made with Domata Gluten Free Flour blend (which includes chickpea flour). I was unable to obtain the recipe, but if you have specific allergens and questions, I would recommend contacting Raglan Road with questions. Additionally, Raglan Road tends to undersalt their fried foods. If you find the batter to be bland, just add some extra salt when it comes to your table. I always find this the best route. Or cover them in one of their many delicious condiments. That’s always my solution!   

Raglan Road Chicken Sandwich

For my entree, I had the steak fries with the Pancetta and Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich was traditionally served with a herb aioli; however, the aioli contained dairy, so the sandwich was served plain. I asked for plenty of condiments so that alleviated any blandness issue but I’ll get to that in a minute.

First up, the bun appeared to be Udi’s Gluten Free. The server told us it came from a local bakery, but everyone at the table agreed that it looked an awful lot like Udi’s, and I thought it tasted exactly like Udi’s. We weren’t able to get anymore information, but I’ll be curious to go back again to check this out.

I found the sandwich to overall be fairly good — nothing special. What made it special were the sauces that I asked for at the meal.  

Chicken Sandwich Raglan RoadAs many of you know, I’m known as the condiment queen, and this visit to Raglan Road was all about the condiments. I always get the sweet chili jam for my onion rings (it’s so good and a perfect combination of sweet and spicy) and the tartar sauce for the fries. With the addition of the remoulade, I had three condiments to compliment my meal. 

I added the tartar sauce to my sandwich (which would have been amazing if it was a fish sandwich), as well as to my fries. The remoulade and sweet chili jam were used on fries and onion rings. So good! If I had been thinking of it, I probably should have tried the remoulade on the chicken sandwich. Instant makeshift Po’ Boy!

Overall, I had a great time at Raglan Road’s brunch. I would love to see an increase in gluten free AND dairy free breakfast offerings, but was pleased that I could still enjoy my lunch and dinner-time favorites. I can’t wait to visit for brunch again soon!

Have you been to Raglan Road for brunch? What did you order?