Almond Orange Cake Palo

*This dining experience took place in October 2014.

Palo Interior

Palo is the Disney Dream’s second adult dining location. With an upcharge of $25 per person, it offers an adults only dining experience at a reasonable price. While my dining experience at Remy was decadent, it’s not someplace I would dine on every cruise (I consider it a special occasion restaurant). Palo is one I would dine at every night if I could.

Our regular rotational meal that night was slated for the Enchanted Garden. I’m a bit bummed we did miss dining here, as we only visited once during the embarkation lunch, but after dining at Palo, I’m not too sad. It was terrific! 

Palo’s culinary theme is Italian, and while I didn’t love the decor (it’s a little too 80s Italian for me), the food was fantastic. When we arrived, we were directed to the Meridian Lounge (shared with Remy) and met up with my friends who were dining at Palo for the second night in a row (it’s that good!). We enjoyed chatting with them for a bit and then were seated in Palo with a lovely window view. 

Palo Table View

Our server Andrea was the highlight in service for our trip. She made the meal exceptional and really did a terrific job at making us feel comfortable and welcome. She went over the menu with us, noting that the restaurant was aware of my special dietary needs. 

Up first, were brought an antipasti cart – table-side. The only thing I couldn’t eat was the parmesan cheese, so we had a heaping plate of marinated olives, red bell peppers, artichokes, prosciutto, and other cure meats. This was the best pre-course treat. My mom and I both raved and said we could eat this at every meal. 

Antipasti Palo

I was also brought my favorite bread of the trip – Udi’s Gluten Free pizza crust topped with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and fresh basil. It was heated and cut into wedges and was oh so delicious. I actually topped the bread with some of the antipasti which was delicious. 

Palo Udi's Pizza Crust

While we enjoyed this, Andrea went over options for us. She had some recommendations for me that might be good choices. I opted for the cioppino as my starter and two entrees – the seafood risotto and the scallops with barlotti beans. The second entree was to be shared with my mom, as we learned this trick from our friends who said it worked great at their previous Palo meals. 

Before our appetizers, we were served a lemon sorbet as a palate cleanser. This was so fresh and light. I could eat this kind of sorbet all the time! 

Lemon Sorbet Palo

The cioppino was a huge dish considering it was a starter. With a rich tomato broth and a variety of seafood in it, it was a great way to start the meal. I wouldn’t say it was the best cioppino I’ve ever had, but it was quite good.

Cioppino Palo

My our entrees, I dove into the scallops first so that my mom could have the other half. I will say, this was my least favorite dish of the entire cruise. If you like fennel this would be your thing. I found the fennel entirely too overwhelming and the scallop & barlotti bean combination to be odd. The beans were more al dente than I would have preferred. They were nothing like the decadent and rich version I had at Ravello (which I adored). My mom also did not like this dish, so I’m glad we got it as a dish to split.

Scallops Palo

My main course was the seafood risotto, which they had to modify some for me. I probably should have opted for something else, as I was missing the zucchini that came with it (which I really wanted). Despite that, the dish was very good. If you like seafood, it was filled to the brim with it. From mussels to scallops, calamari, and shrimp — there was no shortage in this dish. 

Seafood Palo

At this point, I was very full and assumed my dessert option would be sorbet. However, I was pleasantly surprised when Andrea said they had an almond orange cake available to me. Cake?! Well, you know those were the magic words to me. Rarely do I get a dessert that is non brownie or sorbet based, so I was thrilled. 

Almond Orange Cake Palo

And I was not disappointed. This dessert was beyond amazing. It was made with almond flour, so it was rather dense almost like a pound cake. The rich flavor of the almond and oranges blended together nicely. The cake itself wasn’t very sweet but had some powdered sugar on top to add a touch of sweetness. On the side, I had fresh raspberries and orange segments which were perfect accompaniments. 

Almond Orange Cake Palo

I liked this cake so much, I actually asked if I could have one to go. Palo doesn’t have containers or bags, but they kindly plated up a new dessert for me after our meal was complete and gave me silverware so I could take it back to the room. How cool is that?

Andrea also brought us another dessert – the strawberry basil sorbet with fresh fruit. This was so delicious too! It reminded me of the raspberry mint sorbet that I used to love at Sanaa. Dessert here blew Remy away!

Strawberry Basil Sorbet Palo

After our meal, we were given a digestif (after dinner palate cleanser) of prosecco and lemon sorbet. This was another winner at Palo. 

Palate cleanser Palo

Overall, my mom and I both loved our meal at Palo (she had some amazing courses – pro tip – get the Palo signature steak dish if you like steak; you won’t be sorry) and agreed that we wouldn’t hesitate to go back again. 

For the upcharge, food quality, service, and ambiance, we thought it couldn’t be beat. We actually said we’d eat here twice on a 3-4 day cruise because it was that good. I’m dying to try out brunch at Palo especially after reading reviews from my friends Sarah at Eating WDW and Alexis from Gluten Free in Orlando

Have you been to Palo? What did you think of it?