As you may have read from my previous post, since about mid-November 2011, Disney has been changing many of the WDW resorts allergy/intolerance related products. Sadly, I don’t think these things are for the better, but only time will tell how these changes will play out (and yes, from the chefs I’ve spoken too, they are not happy about this and the changes are related to money saving factors).

One of those changes includes the OMG…it’s gluten free! brand of cookies and brownies. Sadly, at this time, only the chocolate chip cookies are dairy free. I encountered a brownie, butterscotch cookie and chocolate chip cookie.

Taste wise, it was OK. I admit, my favorites were the French Meadow cookies prior to the FM cookie change (that happened this last year–they changed the way they made them..they were smaller and more crumbly). This cookie is made to be a large soft batch type of cookie. I found it chewy, but a little flavorless in some ways and definitely not very chocolatey (I love chocolate, so this might be relative). Overall, I would eat it again, but it wasn’t my favorite cookie on the planet. I’m just glad there’s at least one baked good that is GF/DF still.

You can find these in most QS locations (I found them at Contempo Cafe, Captain Cook’s Snack Company, and Main Street Bakery).