Sweet Potato Hash at Olivia's

*This dining experience took place in April 2014.

Olivia's Old Key West

When it comes to a relaxing destination on Disney property, Old Key West resort can’t be beat. It’s one of my favorite Disney resorts to “get away from it all.” I frequently find myself wanting to stay at this Disney Vacation Club resort just to relax and skip the parks. Whenever I visit, I’m immediately transported to Key West, Florida – with the low-key vibe and frequent sounds of Jimmy Buffet. Add in some terrific Key West inspired food from Olivia’s and your vacation is complete.

On this particular occasion, I stopped by Olivia’s for breakfast during my weekend stay for the Gluten Free Living Conference held in Orlando. I knew that I had a busy day ahead of me, and I wanted a solid breakfast before I hit the expo and conference (and all the sweets that awaited me there).

Olivia's Interior Old Key West

On the last visit to Olivia’s I had been pretty impressed with my breakfast – it had been the best one I’d had at the restaurant to date. I was looking forward to an equally good meal this time. I have to say that one of the things that I love about Olivia’s is that the cast members totally remember you here. Even though I’m not really a regular, they do seem to recognize familiar faces and address those guests by first name when they’ve been there a lot. I also really enjoy the atmosphere too. It’s very relaxed and casual. 

Our server this visit was Jerry, who has assisted us before. My family joined for coffee and some fresh fruit but didn’t order anything else because they had reservations that day at Kouzzina (lucky ducks). I wanted something different, and I was very curious about the sweet potato hash that was on the menu.

Chef Paula who was a culinary intern, assisted me on this visit. I asked if the sweet potato hash entrée was safe, and she said it was – minus the hollandaise sauce. It was served with poached eggs (which I really love) and toast. I was able to get Udi’s white sandwich bread toast and Earth Balance vegan margarine with the hash. 

Sweet Potato Hash at Olivia's

When I got my entrée, I have to say, it looked great. The hash has regular potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, and ham in it. Now that’s my kind of hash! The poached eggs on top were cooked perfectly. I find that getting perfectly poached eggs is a bit of a gamble sometimes, so I was very pleased to have well poached eggs. If you’re an egg yolk kind of person like me, you know how important it is and how delicious runny egg yolk is over hash or any type of breakfast potato (and if you’re not an egg yolk fan, you don’t know what you’re missing!). 

The hash was outstanding. It was a little onion heavy, so if you’re not an onion person, you’ve been warned. But, I thought it balanced really well with the potatoes and ham. Add in the toast, and this was a very hearty breakfast. 

I’m going to say that this was officially my favorite breakfast item at Olivia’s. It was really excellent. Even minus the hollandaise, it was a great choice. I’m pretty sure this is what I’ll be ordering again next time. It was that good!

If you get the chance to pop by Olivia’s, I would highly recommend it. The food tends to be a bit basic at breakfast time, but this sweet potato hash with poached eggs will knock your socks off! 

I give this visit a solid 8 out of 10 for an excellent entrée, great service and terrific atmosphere.

Have you been to Olivia’s? What was your favorite item to order for breakfast?