Breakfast Olivia's Old Key West

*This dining experience took place in September 2013.


I always eat breakfast at Olivia’s Cafe when I stay at Old Key West Resort. There’s just something about it’s relaxing vibe & charming atmosphere. I always feel like I am at Key West, just relaxing and listening to Jimmy Buffet. One of the great parts about Old Key West is that everything is tailor made for Key West living and Olivia’s is no exception. I always enjoy grabbing breakfast here.

On this particular occasion, we stopped by for a late breakfast. One thing I will say is that I never feel like this place is busy. Is it just that people don’t know about it? I don’t know, but it always seems rather low-key. I like this but I also don’t want it to ever close, so I hope that maybe they’re busier at different times of the day. I’ve had lunch here and I remember it being much busier then. The other thing I always notice is there are either big groups or just groups of 2 scattered through the restaurant. Kind of funny how it’s not much in between.


I was greeted by Chef Julie, who I’d seen the day before at Good’s Foods to Go (I needed to grab some allergy chicken tenders, of course). Chef Julie used to be at the Polynesian and has a real reputation for being very accommodating for special diets, so I’m always glad to see her. She, of course, recognized me from the day before. The last time I’d visited I’d had the breakfast Cuban, which I liked (see review HERE), but this time I decided to go for the modified version of the Pancakes & Eggs entree. I asked for the allergy Mickey waffles (Bob’s Red Mill version, thank goodness), scrambled eggs, and ham.

Look at all those Mickey waffles!

This was by far the best breakfast that I’ve had at Olivia’s. Not only were the eggs really cooked well, but the ham was nice and tender and the allergy Mickey waffles were the best I’ve had there as well. Really crispy. The way Mickey waffles should be! I also got REAL maple syrup, not that terrible corn syrup maple syrup they had at Contempo Cafe recently. I will say, it was a lot of food, though apparently I was very hungry, as I quickly devoured it all (minus 1/2 a Mickey waffle that I gave to my mom, who really loves them).

While I wouldn’t say that the food at Olivia’s is spectacular, I will say that it’s good solid, tasty food. I always feel satisfied after my meal and will continue to keep this as an Old Key West tradition. Overall, I give this visit a 7 out of 10. A definite OKW tradition!