Breakfast Cuban at Olivia's

*This dining experience took place in May 2013.


Put on your Jimmy Buffett and your best Key West inspired duds because it’s another visit to Disney’s Old Key West Resort and their table service restaurant, Olivia’s. Having been to this restaurant many times, I’m always reminded why I enjoy the atmosphere of this location every time I visit. I love how casual and low-key it is. The relaxed vibe is why Old Key West is such a great place. I also like that they can accommodate me at Olivia’s. On this visit, we actually stayed at OKW and decided to pop over for a late breakfast after the Disney 24 event. We were all quite tired from the previous day’s festivities so this proved to be a perfect uncrowded location.

Menu outside of the restaurant

The last time I went to Kona Cafe, I was told that Chef Julie was now over at OKW and this visit I got a chance to see her. She’s very nice and was very accommodating. The chef who assisted me at Good’s Foods to Go the day before was also with her. Normally I get their Olivia’s breakfast–basic eggs, breakfast meat, etc. however I really wanted something a little different that morning. So I asked Chef Julie if she could make a breakfast Cuban with no cheese and on GF bread. They have the Udi’s sandwich bread there, so she said they could do a variation of it. The major changes were the switch of bread which was toasted rather than pressed and fruit instead of breakfast potatoes. Their breakfast potatoes here are loaded (and I mean LOADED) with dairy. Sometimes they’ll make me plain potatoes but today they offered fruit. I was actually fine with that. I sort of pigged out the day before. Plus a breakfast Cuban seemed pretty filling.

View of the restaurant while waiting for our meal

When the Cuban came out, I was pleasantly surprised. I actually think I’d get this again over the Olivia’s breakfast. What I liked about it was that they had ham and roast pork on it, scrambled eggs, and tomato. It was just a nice change of pace from some of the other breakfast items I tend to get. The fruit was OK. I really am not a melon fan and it seemed like I got an awful lot of it. Next time I will ask for specific fruits.

My breakfast Cuban and fruit!

In general, I wouldn’t say that Olivia’s food is super spectacular. It’s never going to be my favorite place for breakfast, but it’s not bad either. It’s a basic place with moderately good food. I wish they had some better potato options handy but I think this particular breakfast didn’t warrant potatoes. I do like the Key West inspired theming and the low-key vibe. I would definitely get this breakfast option again.

Overall, I give this a solid 7 out of 10.