Ohana Rice, Veggies, and Chicken Wings

*This dining experience took place in September 2016. 


Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

Ohana, a table service restaurant located at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, offers family style meals with an Asian and Polynesian flare. Ohana has long been a favorite in my family (fitting, since Ohana actually means family).

On this particular visit, I dined with my mom and stepdad for dinner. Ohana also offers breakfast, but my family always prefers dinner. There’s so many options, and it’s such a solid and filling meal. You can read about my most recent visit in May 2016 with my friend Ron, here on the blog.

After being seated, Chef Rodney came out to speak with me about options. For family style meals, they bring separate special dietary needs plates for me, except in the cases where the dish is already safe for me to eat.

Lilikoi Salad at Ohana

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

First up was the Lilikoi Salad, which is both gluten free and dairy free naturally. My family has spent enough years with me gluten free that they know about sharing dishes and avoiding cross-contamination. Every makes sure to scoop salad safely, as they each got pieces of regular gluten-filled bread and already had that on their plates.

I really like the Lilikoi Salad and often find it to be under-dressed. This was not the case this visit, as it was filled with a good amount of vegetables (including edamame, shredded carrot, and red onion) and papaya mango dressing. I really enjoyed it, and even had a second helping.

GNI / Deanna's Gluten Free Roll at Ohana

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

I was also given one Deanna’s Gluten Free roll (formerly known as GNI Brand rolls) along with some Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Spread. I don’t know what it is about Ohana, but they can never seem to heat these rolls well.

This one was probably the most well-heated gluten free roll I’ve ever had at Ohana, but it was still pretty crumbly. I’m glad that Chef Rodney only brought me one out for my meal, as I wouldn’t have eaten a second one.

Ohana Rice, Veggies, and Chicken Wings

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

Chef Rodney also brought out steamed white rice, chicken wings (plain without sauce), sauteed vegetables, and gluten free Sweet & Sour Sauce. I also asked for gluten free Teriyaki sauce, but didn’t end up getting that with my entree.

I am a huge white rice fan (don’t ask me why; I just find it really comforting), so I love having a nice sauce to add to it along with the veggies. The vegetables always seem really undercooked to me and a little too crunchy for my liking. I usually end up eating a few pieces of broccoli cut up really well and mostly eat the sauteed onions and smaller vegetables that have cooked longer.

Ohana Meat Plate

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

For my money, Ohana is all about the grilled meats. There are currently three grilled meat offerings at Ohana — sirloin, sweet & sour chicken, and grilled shrimp. All three are gluten free and dairy free, and all three are really delicious.

The steak for me is a bit iffy, as sometimes it’s really good and other times the meat is really grisly. I had one really amazing piece on this visit, and the rest were kind of gross. I always love the grilled sweet & sour chicken and the grilled shrimp. Both were delicious, and I may have eaten my weight in both of them.

Dessert at Ohana

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

For dessert, Chef Rodney brought me Rice Dream non-dairy ice cream, sliced strawberries, fresh raspberries, topped with Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies and Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. It’s pretty much what they serve me on every visit.

Usually, I’m so full I can’t eat much of it. I did my best though on this visit. I’d love to see them change up the dessert offerings here. Maybe even offer a version of the Pineapple Dole Whip. I’d much prefer that to ice cream I get when I visit. Or, even better, I remember when Ohana used to serve fresh pineapple slices for dessert. That to me would be a perfect way to end such a big meal.

Overall, I can’t help but love Ohana. The food is delicious and plentiful. It’s definitely one that my family and friends enjoy visiting, and I always look forward to a meal here.

Have you been to Ohana? What did you think of your meal there?