Ohana Breakfast Platter
**This dining experience took place in July 2011.

Ohana is one of my hands down favorite restaurants of all time at WDW. It’s the best. I loved it before food allergies and I love it with food allergies. It’s amazing. The attention to special diets is really great, and the food is so tasty! But, I’ve always had dinner here, never breakfast. This past July (2011), I decided to give it a whirl and see if it lived up to the dinner’s standards.

Fruit platter

Overall, I would say it did! If you like character meals, this is a good one. It’s busy, but the kids seem to get a lot of character interaction in. It’s also big enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed by characters (at some character meals, like 1900 PF, I feel like I’m being constantly inundated with characters). And it’s Ohana! I love the vibe there.

Essentially, I got very similar food choices to Kona. The exception was a fruit platter, which I really enjoyed. I love grapes and pineapple, so I scarfed those down! My travel companions got a roll and bread platter which they liked.

For my main breakfast, I got scrambled eggs, bacon, mickey waffles, and breakfast potatoes. Essentially, they really all tasted the same as Kona (in my opinion). I might have had ham in the platter, but I don’t remember. I actually said something to the chef about the Mickey Waffles and he said that Kona got their Mickey waffles from their side of the kitchen. Interesting. Hadn’t heard that before. Either way, they are my favorite Mickey waffles on property…to die for!!

I would definitely go to breakfast at Ohana again.  For me, I prefer Kona Cafe just because I like the calm quiet vibe and the food is the same as Ohana. I would go to Ohana if I wanted to do a character meal or had a special occasion for sure!

I’d give it a solid 9 out of 10!

Breakfast platter…Mickey Waffles a plenty!