Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Treats

*This review comes from the 2012 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Check out the bounty!

Boo to you! Happy Halloween! If you’ve never been to Disney’s annual Halloween Party, you’re in for a  treat! This ticketed event is a tradition for many Disney go-ers. I’ve been going for many years, and enjoy it just as much as I did the first time. One of the many activities at the party is the Trick or Treating. This means that kids big and small can enjoy trick or treating stations and get candy throughout the park. However, as a gluten free and dairy free guest, it can be a little tricky to navigate. But fear not there are some options for those of us with special diets.

The first thing to notice is that Disney actually uses brand name candy. Everything is sealed (well, except for the rogue candy here and there, I found a malt ball package opened in my bag). This is good because you can check with manufacturers for information about certain products. You can find lots of gluten free candy out there. Gluten free and dairy can be a little trickier though. I often pick out things like Starburst or skittles. I even found Mary Janes one year. I often trade out candy I know I can eat with others in my party and then give away the candy I can’t eat. This works well.

However, there is a second option and that is getting treats at City Hall located at the front of the Magic Kingdom. You can go there during the party without any arrangements (though this can be hit or miss without notice, see this year’s review) or contact WDW’s Special Diets Department to arrange to have a bag of candy set aside for you ahead of time. I know a lot of people have mentioned that they’ve had terrific experiences with this, though I’ve never called ahead myself.

This year, I headed to City Hall and asked for gluten & dairy free candy. I don’t think the Cast Member heard me though because after I got home, I found Vermont Nut Free chocolates in my bag, which are gluten free but not dairy free. Aw bummer! So, it’s good to make sure to always check your items before consuming, especially for the little ones! When you ask for the bags, the cast member takes it back to a manager who then picks the appropriate treats. So, like I said I think she misheard me this time (it was pretty busy). If this had been for a child, I would have checked the bag before we left City Hall, just to be sure, but for me I was OK with it.

I’ll also note that they included some neat goodies too–non-food items! Who doesn’t love getting some goodies that will last longer than the initial use? I got pencils, a key chain, and also a toy car. Very neat. This is really great for kids especially to give them something a little different, especially if they have limited candy choices. I think that’s a great treat for the trick or treating.

Overall, the Halloween Party is a blast. One of my favs, and even though I might not get as many options as others, I still get to enjoy the party and some trick or treating! If they could load me up with a bag full of starburst, I would be very happy!