Bounty Platter the Mara

*This dining experience took place in January 2014.

Mara Animal Kingdom Lodge

What better way to start the day than with a breakfast at the Mara in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. For a unique and delicious quick service breakfast, the Mara can’t be beat. Serving up classic American breakfast fare to Africa inspired options, there is certainly a lot of variety for guests visiting the Mara.

On this particular occasion, I visited post-runDisney race. Having just finished the Family Fun Run 5K during the Marathon Weekend events, I was ready for a hearty meal and of course, those allergy friendly Mickey waffles. A girl’s gotta get her carbs in after a tough race!

Upon arrival, I notified a cast member that I had a special diet. They then got Chef Vickie, who assisted me not that long ago at Boma post-Jingle Jungle 5K, so I knew she would be able to provide me with a great breakfast. I told her that I was interested in the bounty platter but no sausage (typically it comes with bacon and sausage) and asked if I could make a strange request. I was really craving the Boma grilled asparagus and I asked if it was possible to swap that sausage out for asparagus. I was surprised when she said yes! I also got two allergy Mickey waffles.

It did take a little bit for the food to come out, and when it did it was missing Mickey waffles. Chef Vickie explained that they had to make a batch for me and it might take a few minutes. She did offer me Kinnikinnick muffins and/or donuts in exchange (which I love) but you know me, I gotta have my Mickey waffles!

Bounty Platter the Mara

I have to say that the Mara consistently has one of the best quick service breakfasts on property. 1. Their scrambled eggs are always made fresh for me and they don’t taste like they’ve been made in a giant batch. 2. The breakfast potatoes are amazing. I love the seasoning on them. They are also the same ones you can get at Boma. 3. They have a good variety of options. I could order quinoa or even the pap & chakalaka for my breakfast. I love that. Of course, there are many more reasons why I love the Mara, but these are just a few!

The breakfast I had that morning didn’t disappoint. As always, the eggs were well cooked and the potatoes were excellent. I also was so excited to add in the asparagus. It’s one of my favorites. I will say, it wasn’t cooked as much as I would have liked, but still it had great grill flavor.

Allergy mickey waffles Mara

Last but not least were the Mickey waffles. Chef Vickie brought these out to my table when they were done. I will say they were extra crispy and piping hot! This was the perfect way to end my breakfast. And thank goodness she only gave me two. I might have eaten a lot more at that point in time!

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about the Mara. It continues to surprise me, especially for breakfast. Of course, you know I’m a big breakfast person so I’m partial to their breakfast offerings but still it’s a great quick service location on property and one of the best in my opinion! A solid 9 out of 10 for this visit!

Have you been to the Mara? What are your favorite dishes here?