Allergy chicken tenders and fries

*This dining experience took place in February 2013.

There are many places in the World Showcase that I like to eat. For me, Liberty Inn wouldn’t be my first choice, but surprisingly, one of my top choices for a good quick service meal. While I don’t personally eat beef (so burgers are out for me), I do really enjoy the allergy friendly chicken tenders which Liberty Inn carries. It’s not often that you can get safe chicken tenders out anywhere, so even though I would normally classify the fare at this location as a boring burgers and fries joint, this is the place I like to visit in Epcot for the chicken tenders.

I have the file somewhere with the list of ingredients, but haven’t been able to find it. I believe the coating is rice flour based, but the tenders themselves come in pre-packaged to the different locations. Some locations are able to fry them in dedicated fryers and others bake them. In the case of Liberty Inn, they bake both the tenders and the french fries so be prepared for a 20 minute wait.

On this particular occasion, I stopped by because I knew I could eat them safely; it was late, and I had spent several hours getting my car towed to the Disney Car Care Center (long story, but I’m glad to know this auto shop is there!!). So I was in serious need of something substantial. As usual, the manager said she could make these but that it would take 20 minutes. Normally, I get a manager who’s willing to bring them to me so I don’t have to wait or come back, but it was relatively busy and this manager said I would need to come back or wait. I ended up going back to the table with some family & friends who were very surprised it actually took the 20 minutes.

Whoops I forgot to take a picture before I began eating!

Once I got the tenders, I was very excited. When you’re tired, stressed and hungry, a simple thing like an allergy friendly chicken tender is a bright spot! They were, of course, very hot, but good. I prefer them fried, but they are still very delicious baked. The fries were also quite good. Note I didn’t have any sauces, but rather some ketchup for the fries. A lot of the sauces have gluten in them, so I usually steer clear (especially since a manager once tried to tell me something was safe when it was labeled not).

Overall, I was very pleased with the quality of the tenders here. The only slight complaint (and not really a complaint more of a convenience wish) was that the manager wasn’t very willing to bring them over or notify me when they were done. After a long day that would have been appreciated.

I’d give this a solid 8 out of 10!