Gluten free Nemo waffles Art of Animation

*This dining experience took place November 2012.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort at Christmas-time

It seems like I’ve been at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort a lot since it opened. In fact, I’ve visited and dined there 4 times now. I can see why it’s becoming such a popular resort. The decor is amazing and it offers a lot of value and service. One of the biggest draws is Landscape of Flavors, the quick service location. This restaurant offers a lot of traditional options (like burgers, fries, etc.) with a great variety of other offerings, like the Tandoor station and pasta station. I like that they focus on customizable dishes, and I’ve heard such great things from other guests about how they’ve handled special diets. It’s been great to get some recommendations from other guests too so that I can go back and check things out (I’ve been wanting to head back for lunch or dinner soon!). This trip, we headed there for breakfast in between me meeting up with some folks.

Entrance to Landscape of Flavors

The last time I was here for breakfast, I had a GF/DF waffle that was regularly sized and some turkey bacon with some very sugary fruit. I hadn’t been wowed by it, especially the waffles which tasted OK but not great in my opinion. Last time Chef Dan had told me they were a mix of Bob’s Red Mill and Namaste. This time, I wanted something more protein based because I had one heck of a sugar crash the last time. Too much sugar in the morning makes me cranky! (Just ask my poor family members and friends. They can attest to that!)

I was greeted by the manager who helped me the first time I came to Landscape of Flavors. She said the eggs aren’t normally made with dairy, so I ordered eggs and bacon (regular not turkey) and the potatoes it appeared were smothered in dairy. Ah bummer! I’m sure they could have made regular potatoes, but I was fine without it. I asked for a side of GF/DF waffles–to give them a second chance. This time, I asked if I could have the mini Nemo waffles (what can I say, I’m a girl who loves character shaped waffles!!). She said she could do that. Yeah!

Scrambled eggs, bacon, and GF/DF Nemo waffles

I wasn’t overly wowed by the breakfast, but I thought it was really solid. The eggs were rather good. The bacon is the usual “stringy” bacon that is served at WDW–I was hoping for a meatier bacon, but alas it was not to be. I will say the surprise of the breakfast was the Nemo waffle. I expected to not love these this time, but I thought they were much better than the batch I had the first go-around. Weird? Surely the shape can’t make them taste better…can they?! 🙂 They tasted more like the Bob’s Red Mill but I could tell the batter was mixed.

Holiday cups!

Overall, I find Landscape of Flavors to be a really good quick service location. Even my fellow diners said the same. They tried a lot of the other adventurous meal options for breakfast. I wish I could enjoy the Indian inspired breakfast like the Naan bread, but I’m happy to know that there are at least a fair amount of safe offerings for me at the restaurant. It’s a location that does a really excellent job catering to folks with food allergies! Make sure you ask for Chef Dan if he’s there. Though I didn’t get to see him this time, I found him to be really enthusiastic and helpful!

A solid 8 out of 10!