Turkey sweet potato hash breakfast Kouzzina

*This dining review took place in September 2013.


Kouzzina is as always one of my most favorite breakfast spots on property. I just adore the food, the atmosphere, and did I mention the food? It’s a hands down winner. And whenever I have friends & family in from out of town, this is where I take them. I’ve not heard a bad review from anyone yet 🙂 This review is mostly just an update, as it’s the same Turkey Sweet Potato Hash that I got the last time. And to give a shout-out to the Kouzzina staff, including Chef Brad who was on hand to assist me.

On this particular visit, I went with my friend Krista from Disneyways. She had never been, so this was great to share Kouzzina with her. When we arrived, we were greeted by Chef Brad, who has helped me numerous times before. I don’t usually see him though because I’m typically there on the weekends and on this trip, I was there during the week for the Give Kids the World Blogger Bowl. I didn’t have him go over any options, mostly because I know the breakfast menu by heart and also because I knew I wanted the amazing Turkey Sweet Potato Hash. I will probably surprise some of you in that I did not order allergy Mickey waffles (I know, a rarity!!) I did get some Udi’s toast & Earth Balance Vegan Margarine for the meal.

My breakfast in all its glory!

I will say that I just adore this breakfast entree. I love the eggs (nice and poached with ooey gooey yolks, perfect for dipping in toast), the delicious arugula with olive oil, and of course the turkey sweet potato hash. The turkey is all white meat diced and the sweet potatoes are nicely tossed in along with onions and sweet peppers. It’s just a really good combination!

Before digging in…
And mid-way through so you could see what the hash looked like

Many people asked what the hash itself looked like, so I decided to take a pic part way through eating (sorry it’s a little messy, but I was hungry!!).

Overall, I can’t say enough good things, as always about Kouzzina. It’s a hands down favorite place to dine for breakfast. A solid 9 out of 10!

Have you been to Kouzzina? What do you order for breakfast?