My brother is getting married at the Polynesian at Sunset Pointe. For their reception we will be eating at Kona cafe; however, in between dinner and the wedding (while they take pictures), we’re considering grabbing some sushi to tide us over before the meal (wedding is at 5 pm and dinner at 8 pm). I emailed the sous chef at the Poly and this is what I got back:

Aloha, thank you for inquiring about eating gluten free at our Kona Island sushi bar. We will be happy to prepare some sushi to meet your dietary needs and the majority of our items can be easily made gluten and milk free. Just ask for a chef when you arrive and one of us will come out and review your options. We look forward to serving you on your upcoming visit.


Johnny Dowd

Sous Chef

Sounds pretty good to me! I successfully got sushi at California Grill, so I’m looking forward to this! Can’t wait to report back with some pics…