Modified Big Kahuna Kona Cafe

*This dining experience took place in November 2013.

Kona Cafe Breakfast Disney World
Modified Big Kahuna

This is just a brief review of my breakfast at Kona Cafe in Disney’s Polynesian Resort. I recently visited with blog reader Laurie & her family. It was awesome to catch up with them and also to grab a great breakfast with others who have a special diet. Laurie is gluten free and her daughter is dairy free.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Chef Johnny who I know quite well from my ridiculous amounts of visits to Kona Cafe! He took Laurie & her daughter’s orders (Laurie got breakfast potatoes & sausage and her daughter ordered allergy Mickey waffles) – I, of course, go the Big Kahuna modified, as usual. I asked for extra ham instead of the sausage and scrambled eggs. And, since I was running the Jingle Jungle 5K the next morning I was ready to carb it up!

This was really good, as usual. The allergy Mickey waffles were nice and crisp and very tasty. I always enjoy the ones that are made here (and also served at Ohana–they use the same waffle maker!).

Overall, I’d give this a solid 8 out of 10 for this meal. Definitely one of my favorites made even better by my visit with Laurie & her family!

Have you been to Kona Cafe for breakfast? What’s your favorite breakfast dish to order there?