Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday! This is my first Christmas going gluten and dairy free. I have made so many cookies and candies, it’s ridiculous! I am definitely not missing out on the sweets. I’ve made: fudge, Italian/Mexican wedding cakes, sugar cookies, chocolate dipped GF pretzels and graham crackers, Neiman Marcus (Mrs. Fields) cookies, caramel bars, no bake cookies, and spice cupcakes. Everything was GF/CF and only 2 of the items weren’t vegan. Everything is delicious and decadent, and I can’t wait to share them with my family.

On a Disney note, we are nearly 1 month away from our trip. I’ll post soon a detailed list of our food itinerary! I can’t wait to share my trip report with everyone and give reviews on the restaurants.

Happy Holidays!