SunButter with Gluten Free Label

Gluten Free Labels

When it comes to hosting a gluten free holiday gathering, participating in a work function or even living in a non-dedicated GF house, Gluten Free Labels are one of the handiest things to have in your gluten free arsenal. Gluten Free Labels is a company that provides an assortment of user-friendly and dishwasher safe labels, oven safe tags, and gluten free flags that you can use to help keep you safe from cross contamination.

One of the great things about this company is that it is a small business run by someone who has Celiac Disease who wanted to create a product that was not only safe and practical for her family but for all of us who are not able to consume gluten. You can read more about Kelly and Gluten Free Labels’ story on their website.

Kelly from Gluten Free Labels graciously supplied one lucky guest at the 2nd Annual Special Diets Dessert Party with the Ultimate Kit from Gluten Free Labels. I was also lucky enough to try it out myself too, and it’s been so handy during the holiday season where I’m constantly at holiday functions that are not dedicated GF.

The Ultimate Kit contains, 64 gluten free flags (which I am obsessed with; they are so darling!), 2 silicon tags, dishwasher safe labels (12 mini labels, 8 circle labels, and 2 customizable rectangular labels), and inserts that offer recommendations of items to label, tag, and flag as gluten free.

Here are some the ways that I utilized the products found in the Ultimate Kit. First up, I used them during several holiday gatherings. While my house is dedicated gluten free & dairy free, I had family coming in with dishes that were not safe for me to consume. I chose to use the gluten free flags in all dishes that were GF (and DF) so that everyone knew which was which.

Gluten Free Bread with Gluten Free Label

Luce’s Gluten Free Bread with a Gluten Free Flag

GF Stuffing with Gluten Free Label

Homemade GF stuffing with Gluten Free Flag

Potatoes with Gluten Free Label

Potatoes with Gluten Free Flag

Gluten Free Christmas Dinner

Guess who’s GF/DF Christmas dinner plate this is?

As you can tell, they really came in handy throughout the holiday season. I even used them at a work potluck too, which worked out great.

And in terms of using them all the time, they are fantastic for my work lunches. There is nothing more nerve wracking than having your lunch at a communal fridge. I always make sure my items are in a lunch bag and are labeled with my Gluten Free Label. It just makes me feel a little safer because everyone on staff knows that they need to be very careful around my food.

And when it comes to marking things in a home that might not be dedicated gluten free, these labels are immensely helpful. Here are just a few ways that you could label your items:

On a cereal box:


On your peanut butter or alternative nut butters:

SunButter with Gluten Free Label

The tags are even great for pots, pants, and other dishes too. That’s the beauty of Gluten Free Labels, they are just so versatile!

I have been completely impressed by this company and their terrific products. It’s just so nice to see something that’s not just nice in concept but also really practical and useful in real life. After using these myself, I can highly recommend these for gluten free folks. They can definitely be a life-saver in avoiding cross-contamination. And another neat thing, this company donates a portion of their proceeds of all purchases to benefit the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. I just love Gluten Free Labels’ message and that they give back to the gluten free community.

You can find out more information about Gluten Free Labels on the company’s site. A big thanks to this terrific company for their great products and for providing one of these awesome kits at the 2nd Annual Special Diets Dessert Party.

*Note: Gluten Free Labels provided items for this product review; however, this review and the opinions written here are my own thoughts.