Since my family has joined DVC, we decided since to order groceries from Garden Grocer to help with the costs and to take advantage of what the kitchenette provides (we are staying at a studio, so no full kitchen–which makes it a little more tricky for cooking). I was able to order Almond milk (rice dream, almond milk, and soy milk were all available choices) but not my So Delicious Coconut Milk, which is my favorite of all the alternative milks. Well, at least they offer dairy free choices! Additionally, I was able to special order Boar’s Head Deli meat, since it is gluten free. I will say Garden Grocer has a lot of dairy free and gluten free options. They even have a spot to check mark gluten free! This is great news for people with food allergies/intolerances. We’re also bringing some snack stuff on the plane, but mostly we are getting cereal (yeah rice chex!), etc. from Garden Grocers. Will report when we get back on how it goes!