Green Chile Tacos at Frontera Cocina To Go Counter

*This gluten free dining experience took place in August 2018. Notes about dairy free options and modifications are included in this post.

Dinner at Frontera Cocina To Go Counter

Frontera Cocina is a table service restaurant located at Disney Springs. For those guests on-the-go, Frontera Cocina offers a to-go counter for tacos, chips and guacamole, and margaritas. The to-go counter has been one of my favorite spots for a quick dinner when we’re at Disney Springs seeing a movie at the AMC theater. On this particular visit, I stopped by before we went to a movie just so I could try one of their newest tacos on the to-go menu — the Grilled Hatch Green Chile Tacos. I had seen them on Twitter and confirmed with the restaurant that they were gluten free before even heading to the booth.


As far as atmosphere, there really isn’t any at the Frontera Cocina To-Go Counter. It’s exactly what you expect from a quick, grab and go spot.

Frontera Cocina To Go Counter

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

One of the biggest challenges of the Frontera Cocina To-Go Counter is that it’s pretty hidden. You wouldn’t realize there’s a counter there, unless you knew about it or noticed the sign. The only thing that I think has helped lately is the addition of some tables for those guests who order to sit at. But, it’s still a pretty inconspicuous spot.

The Food

One of the things that I like most about Frontera Cocina, which is not owned and operated by Disney, is that they mark common allergens on their menu. So, if a dish contains gluten or dairy, it will say so on the menu. Of course, I do always recommend that you consult with your server, a manager, or another cast member to confirm that the dish is safe for your special dietary needs. When I got to the to-go counter, I double-checked the sign and with a cast member to confirm that the tacos were gluten free. Thankfully, almost everything at Frontera Cocina is naturally gluten free, which is great.

Green Chile Tacos at Frontera Cocina To Go Counter

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

Currently, Frontera Cocina’s To-Go Counter offers tacos a la carte. So, you pay per taco. You used to order them in sets of three. But, this changed a while back. On this visit, I ordered the Grilled Hatch Green Chile Chicken Tacos with Grilled Chicken with Hatch Green Chile Crema, Caramelized Onions, Warm Corn Tortillas, and Tomato Cilantro Salsa. The tacos are gluten free but do contain dairy and cannot be modified. They are $3.50 each. So, you can mix and match with other tacos too, if you like.

Overall, I really loved these tacos. They were definitely spicier than I anticipated, but not so spicy that I thought it was overpowering. If you do like a bit of a kick, you will enjoy these tacos. I would definitely get these again too, though I might get one taco and a side of chips and guacamole instead.

For those who are dairy free, the Beef Barbacoa Tacos on the to-go menu may be an option. The last time I visited I got these and were told the only modification to be made dairy free was omitting the cheese. So, it’s always worth asking if you’re interested in them.


Frontera Cocina’s To-Go Counter is a great spot to grab a quick bite to eat. While, they don’t have a huge variety, they do offer several delicious gluten free dishes that you can enjoy and even mix and match depending on your mood. I think the new Grilled Hatch Green Chiles are a fantastic addition to the menu. And, I hope they’ll be around for a bit, so I can get them again.

Have you been to Frontera Cocina or it’s to-go counter? What did you think of the special diets options?