Fresh Mediterranean Belgium Waffle

Entrance to Fresh…

Another empty restaurant!

This was our last morning on this short trip, because we stayed at the Boardwalk, we decided to go to Fresh over at the Dolphin. I’d heard good things about it, and wanted to check it out. Prior to my trip, as usual, I filled out my allergy form with the ADR for this place.

Upon arrival, the waitress went to get the chef, before the chef came over, she mentioned that they had my form about being allergic to pork. Um, huh?! Then the chef came over and he was confused. I said I was gluten and dairy free and he said “what about the pork?” I was like, um, I eat pork. I’m not allergic to it. He and I were both very confused. He kept saying that my form said pork allergy and that he had made chicken sausage for me. I kept reiterating that no I was gluten and dairy. He said they could make me a gluten free dairy free waffle and also I could get an omelet and everything but the pork was safe…um, dude, I’m NOT allergic to pork. This was just getting weird. (they had asked my name in the beginning and he said it matched my name). Well, as I was getting my omelet (they used a clean pan and oil), he came out and showed me an allergy form for a Sarah…but no me. Evidently, he couldn’t find my form and he saw Sarah and a reservation for the same time and assumed it was me. I suppose I could reason with that, but then he still brought me out the chicken sausage, to which I responded, “Are you going to have some for this other person when they show up?” He said yes, but to please eat it. So, I did. It was really good. Some kind of chicken and apple sausage.

Chicken sausage and omelet. All very good.


The waffle he brought out was good (not as good as the Mickey waffles, but I’m biased!) and had lovely fresh fruit on it.

It was no Mickey waffle, but still good. Tasted like buckwheat.

I also sampled the fresh juices they had–mixes of strawberry, orange, banana, ginger, etc. I believe it was their antioxidant blend. It was yummy! And they were making them to order, so it really was fresh. My omelet was fantastic…lots of great yummy ingredients–spinach, chicken, onions, bacon, ham, etc.

Overall, despite the confusion, I really enjoyed this meal and wouldn’t hesitate to go here again. 8 out of 10.