Fountainview Cafe in Future World at Epcot

We checked out illuminations one night and I decided to see if any place at Epcot had tofutti or rice dream ice cream as options for a snack. I headed over to Fountainview Cafe and low and behold they had tofutti ice cream. They had chocolate and vanilla flavors. Unfortuantely, it ended up taking quite a while to get b/c the manager had to go to the basement to get the ice cream and then prepared it in a different area. I got a double scoop which counted as a snack credit, and holy cow, that was a lot of tofutti!! I couldn’t quite finish it all, but it was very good (and I also think they gave me some really generous scoops too). 8 out of 10 for this place, but prepare yourself for a wait!

Watching the action at the ice cream shop…I was in a hurry so no pics of the actual ice cream!