American Breakfast Flying Fish Cafe

*This dining experience took place in October 2014. 

Flying Fish CafeHard to believe that after not visiting the Flying Fish Cafe ever, I’ve now been there twice in a span of a few weeks. My first visit was during their regular dinner, where both Alexis from Gluten Free in Orlando and I got to enjoy their gluten free menu offerings. 

On this visit, I was checking out their new (and temporary) breakfast which started on October 1st. The menu, as I learned from Chef Brad while dining at Kouzzina recently, was a preview of the new breakfast menu available at the soon to be opened Trattoria al Forno (replacing Kouzzina). With a decidedly Italian theme, I was curious to see what options would be available to be as a gluten free and dairy free diner. 

Breakfast Menu at Flying Fish Cafe

As you can see from the menu itself, it is limited. I’m told there will be a few more dishes on the breakfast menu when it’s moved back to Trattoria al Forno, but by and large it won’t be expanded too much.

We were greeted by Chef Sergio who is a chef I chat with frequently at Kouzzina. They were extremely busy that morning (it was just after the Happy Haunted 5K run, and the restaurant was quite full), but I did get to go through all of the options with him.

By and large, this menu is very dairy heavy. Gone is my beloved turkey sweet potato hash, and there really is no equivalent to that or any of the skillets that I used to enjoy. Chef Sergio was honest in that some dishes like the one with polenta were pretty full of dairy.

I decided to go with the two eggs entree, which is roughly the equivalent of the “American” breakfast entree that most breakfast locations have. I opted for allergy Mickey waffles instead of toast. I also asked if there was any way I could try the fennel sausage used in the polenta dish. It sounded really good, and Chef Sergio said he could make that happen.  

American Breakfast Flying Fish Cafe

I certainly didn’t go hungry at this meal. The scrambled eggs were good, and I enjoyed the breakfast potatoes which were pan fried for me to avoid cross-contamination. The bacon is still Neuske’s which is delicious.  

Sausage and Mickey waffles at Flying Fish Cafe

The stars of my breakfast were the fennel sausage and the allergy Mickey waffles. Even if they aren’t in Kouzzina, I still contend that this team cooks up some of the best allergy Mickey waffles on property! 

The fennel sausage was fantastic. Super flavorful and delicious. Chef Sergio said they buy the pork in bulk and blend their own fennel spice mix in-house. Yum and yum! I would definitely ask for this again. 

My family tried all the regular, non-allergy versions of the dishes, and they raved. The polenta dish was a hit as was the scrambled eggs with fresh mozzarella and basil. Oh if only they weren’t dairy-filled! 

Overall, I thought the new menu was interesting but not particularly dairy free friendly. There are definitely some options and modifications that can be done, but it’s not the menu that I know and loved from Kouzzina which was so dairy free friendly for me! 

Have you had a chance to try out this new temporary breakfast at Flying Fish Cafe?