BBQ Pork Sandwich Flame Tree BBQ
Pork sandwich with coleslaw on a Udi’s GF/DF bun…so good!    

I love it when I get recommendations from readers. This recommendation, in particular, is one I wish I would have tried a little sooner. However, I’ll note that the Udi’s GF buns are what make this sandwich taste so good. It’s a big step up from the Ener-G tapioca rolls (sorry, I’ve never been a huge fan). I will say though that it’s a bummer that these don’t cover all of the top 8 allergens because they are really really good.

So on to the food….

As usual, I headed to Flame Tree BBQ and asked the cashier to speak with the manager. The manager was very kind and went over the ingredients with me (I knew that I wanted the sandwich). Having been here before, I also knew that the coleslaw was safe, so no substitutes on this order (a rarity for me). The manager did tell me that none of the sauces at the condiment bar were deemed safe, as they had modified food starch in it, and it couldn’t be determined where the starch was derived. I never take chances with that, so no sauce for me. Not that this sandwich needed it. I’m glad they serve it as dry BBQ without the sauce; that way you have the option of adding sauce or not. Thankfully, this was very tasty pork, so it didn’t need it in my opinion. That bun, OMG that bun. I feel bad everytime I sing it’s praises because I know that many folks can no longer enjoy a bun at WDW because of the vendor change. But, I gotta say, I love these. They actually taste like bread. My mom tried some of the bun, and even she liked it! It’s that soft texture and fluffiness. It doesn’t become a hard dense hockey puck like the Ener-G rolls. Those things could take out a window or a small child if someone threw one!

The coleslaw here is also great. It’s got a bit of heat/spice to it, and I enjoy it a lot. The only downside is that I hate coleslaw outside on a really hot day, and now that summer is beginning here in Florida, I wouldn’t want to eat it much. Something about heat and mayo turns me off! But in the winter time…delish!

Overall, I was so pleased to try this one out. Thank you, GF Girl, for your awesome recommendation! I’m so glad I got the chance to check this out. Now a new favorite on my list!!! Definitely a 9 out of 10!

**This dining experience took place in May 2012.