Electric Umbrella - Allergy Friendly Chicken Tenders

*This gluten free and dairy free dining review took place in December 2018.

Dinner at Electric Umbrella

Electric Umbrella, located in Future World in Epcot, is a quick service restaurant that serves up classic theme park food, like sandwiches and salads. Whenever we’re in Epcot and want a quick service meal, we tend to go to Liberty Inn for allergy-friendly chicken tenders. But, during the holiday season while I was recovering from resection surgery for Crohn’s disease, we stopped by Electric Umbrella to get a quick bite to eat.


I’m not sure there’s a real major theme going on at Electric Umbrella — short of its very 1990s futuristic feel. There’s lots of neon and bright colors. But, the restaurant itself feels very dated and worn down inside.

I ended up not getting many photos while we were there because I was feeling pretty exhausted just getting into the park. We ended up only being there for about an hour & 1/2 because we needed to pick up a Christmas present for a family member. But, recovering from a surgery meant I was moving slow and not feeling the greatest.

But, as you can see from the photo above, the restaurant is pretty much all neon and 90s color schemes.

The Food

We ended up utilizing mobile ordering, although Electric Umbrella does have an allergy-friendly lunch and dinner menu. The mobile ordering works really well if you only have one special dietary need. I do definitely recommend speaking with a manager about any special dietary concerns and especially if you have multiple dietary needs.

Electric Umbrella - Allergy Friendly Chicken Tenders
Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

Brandon and I were both hugely disappointed by our allergy-friendly chicken tenders at Electric Umbrella. Taste-wise, they should have been just fine since they were the Ian’s brand allergy-friendly chicken tenders and the normal Disney French fries. But, the manager ended up undercooking them slightly (the chicken was cooked, but the breading was slightly doughy in spots). And, they were very greasy, as though the fryer hadn’t been up to temperature. My guess is because we stopped by near the end of the day that the allergy-friendly fryer had been turned off.

Because this was only my 2nd meal out at Disney after resection surgery and my stomach was still very fragile post-surgery, I only ate a small bit of the tenders and gave the rest to Brandon. It was a bummer especially because they weren’t well-cooked. The French fries were actually overcooked and veering into burnt territory too, which was odd.


Both Brandon and I agreed that we won’t be going back to Electric Umbrella any time soon. It’s a shame that our meal wasn’t so great because this is a restaurant that’s owned and operated by Disney (which is a bit rare in Epcot), and we had high hopes that it would be another good go-to option for allergy-friendly chicken tenders. We’d much prefer going to Liberty Inn in the World Showcase for allergy-friendly chicken tenders.

Have you been to Electric Umbrella? What was your experience dining there?