Oh my goodness, I just can’t contain myself; I’m so excited!!! I’ve been contemplating the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) for some time now. I went on a tour with my family back in February and were all but convinced I needed to join. However, it was a large chunk of change, I didn’t know that I wanted to do at the time. Recently though, I’ve been reconsidering it since I heard you could do less points than were told back in February. I thought this would be a good way to start off small, own a piece of the magic, still go on a vacation or two and not feel so overwhelmed financially. Well, I called DVC yesterday, and it’s a go! I got an offer I just could refuse.

Sooooo…very very soon, I will officially be a DVC owner.

My home base is Bay Lake Towers, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Looks like we’ll also be able to stay here in October when we go for my brother’s wedding (ok, sure it will be in a studio, but I’m willing to sleep on a pull-out bed)…I simply can’t wait! We toured the rooms back in February, and I was so convinced this was the home resort for me…I’ve always dreamed of staying at the Contemporary and now I can!!! This will be a great convenient location too–especially with the MNSSHP and my brother’s wedding at the Poly!

My DVC Vacation Guide said what I was thinking–the time was just right for me to buy now!!!

Boy, I just can’t wait! Had to share the good news with everyone though…