D-Luxe Burger - Gluten Free Burger

*This gluten free dining experience took place in June 2019. It includes notes about dairy free modifications.

Lunch at D-Luxe Burger

D-Luxe Burger is my go-to quick service restaurant whenever I’m in Disney Springs. Unlike most restaurants in Disney Springs, D-Luxe Burger is owned & operated by the Disney Company, which means they follow Disney’s strict food allergy protocols for guests with special dietary needs. Even better, you also get to a talk to a Disney Chef too. On my most recent visit, I met up with my friend Ron who was in town visiting Disney World for a quick lunch.


I managed to forget to take photos on this visit. But, I’ve written quite a few reviews about D-Luxe Burger.

D-Luxe Burger Sign
Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

To learn more about its theme and extensive back-story, check out the review I wrote when the restaurant first opened in May 2016.

The Food

Unlike most Disney owned restaurants, D-Luxe Burger does not currently offer an allergy-friendly menu. But, guests with special dietary needs will get to speak with a Disney chef about options. I always appreciate this and that the chefs here take great care to answer questions and prepare your food safely.

D-Luxe Burger - Gluten Free Burger
Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

Because we were having dinner at ‘Ohana that night, we decided to split a D-Luxe Cheeseburger served on a gluten free bun with a side of French fries made in a dedicated fryer. We also ordered three dipping sauces — the curry ketchup, chipotle mayo, and three honey mustard. These are all gluten free, but the chipotle mayo does currently contain dairy.

When it comes to burgers, you really can’t go wrong with a burger from D-Luxe. And, we both agreed that the cheeseburger was outstanding. One big change that threw us both was the gluten free bun. In the past, D-Luxe Burger has used the Local Oven brand gluten free and dairy free bun. On this visit, it was a totally different (and much improved) bun. At first, we were both concerned we got a gluten-filled bun. But, we realized it was just a different brand. Although I haven’t gotten 100% confirmation, I have heard from other readers that the buns are now Deanna’s Gluten Free brand. Both of us agreed that the buns were a big improvement over the previous brand.

I think the one slight disappointment at D-Luxe Burger are the fries. They used to be really amazing. But, lately, we’ve noticed a big decline in the taste and texture of the fries. More often than not, they just taste a little stale. I’m sure they are fresh, but the overall texture and taste isn’t as good as it used to be.

In fact, we noticed a big difference in the fries we got at Hangar Bar recently. The chef there told us they are the exact same fries as D-Luxe Burger. But, we all agreed, they were way better at the Hangar Bar. While it’s not a reason to avoid D-Luxe Burger, it is something to think about when you order the fries there. Of course, I smother them in enough sauces that it helps too!


The burgers at D-Luxe Burger always impress. The flavors are outstanding, and there’s always a good amount of options for guests with special dietary needs. While we usually stick to the basic cheeseburger, we’ve also had other specialty burgers on the menu with great success. If you’re looking for a quick service restaurant in Disney Springs, this is definitely a great option for a low-key and filling meal.

Have you been to D-Luxe Burger? What did you think of their options?