Where do I find GF/CF sweets?
WDW offers a variety of places where sweets like chocolate chip cookies and brownies are readily available for those needing specific dietary needs. You can find these treats at a variety of locations, including most resort counter services and several locations in the theme parks. They are typically found in a different area than the regular desserts, usually on a shelf near the cash registers and labeled “Dietary” or “Special Diets.” The ones that are GF/CF are made by French Meadow (www.frenchmeadow.com) and are pretty good. However, one important note: these items are shelved with non-gluten free items. Don’t be tempted to by Divvies! They are NOT GF! I believe the only GF items from Divvies are the Caramel Popcorn and Jelly Beans, but always check the websites prior to your visit to confirm this.

My only complaint with the dietary treats was that they were all mixed together, and not very clearly marked. However, this is pretty normal at even grocery stores and health food stores, so it’s not that big of a deal. At least they are separate from the regular desserts. One should just make sure that they read all the labels to make sure it is safe for you to eat, depending on the type of dietary restriction you have.

On my last trip, the Mara did not have any French Meadow items the entire 4 days we were there, but they had Divvies (again NOT GF), but they didn’t have the caramel corn. They had cookies and jelly beans. To be honest, it was pretty picked over. Someone really needed to restock the shelves. Sunshine Seasons and Main Street Bakery, however, had a huge amount of these cookies and brownies available!

As far as taste, I think they are both pretty good. The cookies remind me a bit of slice and bake cookies (pre-GF) from Pillsbury and the like. The brownies can be a bit dry, but they are still pretty good. Here’s a few pictures of them.