Cooke's of Dublin Fish & Chips

*This dining experience took place in March 2016.

Cooke's of Dublin Sign

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

Cookes of Dublin is my go-to quick service spot in Disney Springs. A proper take-away fish and chips shop, they serve up lots of fried gluten free and dairy free options, which I love. It’s one of those quick service spots that is consistently good, fresh, and safely gluten free. Plus, where else can you get deep fried gluten free fish and chips to go?!

Cookes of Dublin is located next to Raglan Road and shares some facilities with it. This means that you’ll often find some of the dishes served at Raglan Road over at Cookes of Dublin — like their classic fish and chips. The sauces are even the same too! What makes it great is that it’s a quick service, so no worries, you can get your fish and chips fix on the go.

Cooke's of Dublin Fish & Chips

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

On this visit, I ordered the fish and chips (gluten free and dairy free, of course!), as I hadn’t ordered it in a while. Usually when I go to Cookes of Dublin, I order the fried shrimp but opted for the fish this time. I was on my way to a movie at the AMC Disney Springs and was in a bit of a rush, so I didn’t have time to sit and eat in the restaurant, so I ordered my fish and chips to go.

My only real complaint with this meal was that it took a while to get my food. 25 minutes to be exact. Normally, that’s no big deal but with a movie time quickly approaching, I had to get out fast. Longer wait times are normal for Cookes of Dublin, but this is because they make everything fresh and to order, which is OK by me. Still, it’s good to know ahead of time to plan if you’re on a time crunch.

My fish and chips on this visit were cooked perfectly. The come with steak fries but they do have other sides like gluten free onion rings and garlic Parmesan skinny chips that you can order or substitute upon request. You can read about these side dishes from Alexis at Gluten Free in Orlando’s reviews.

I also got a side of tartar sauce (which is gluten free and dairy free), which I love. I should have asked for another container of tartar sauce as one is just not enough for me, the condiment queen!

One important tip is that often the gluten free fried foods from Cookes of Dublin and Raglan Road are sometimes under-salted. That’s easily remedied by adding some salt yourself to the fried foods. Easy peasy solution!

One word about fish/shellfish allergies. If you have them, you probably want to check with the restaurant to see if they fry the fish in the same fryer as the chips and onion rings.

Overall, I love Cookes of Dublin and that it’s a delicious and safe gluten free and dairy free option for those visiting Disney Springs. Now, I just need to go back again soon for those onion rings and fried shrimp!

Have you been to Cookes of Dublin? What’s your favorite gluten free and special dietary needs items to order there?