Chicken Tenders Cookes of Dublin

*These dining experiences took place in April 2016.

Cookes of Dublin

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

Cookes of Dublin is my hands-down favorite quick service at Disney Springs. With gluten free options like fish and chips and shrimp and chips, it’s no wonder it’s my go-to whenever I want a quick bite to eat.

In fact, I go there so much, when we went recently one of the cast members recognized me from the week before. Yes, I’m officially a Cookes of Dublin regular!

Chicken Tenders Cookes of Dublin

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

Cooke’s of Dublin can make several gluten free and dairy free fried food items (fried in a dedicated fryer). These include:

  • Fish & chips
  • Shrimp & chips
  • Chicken tenders & chips
  • Battered sausages & chips
  • Onion rings
  • Chips (aka French fries)

You can also get garlic Parmesan skinny chips made gluten free (but not dairy free, due to the Parmesan).

On my first visit, I ordered the chicken tenders and chips, as I’ve never tried the tenders before. All I have to say is wow. This portion was huge. I literally had to cut my chicken tenders up with a fork and knife because the size was so large.

Overall, I liked them but didn’t love them. I would say of the gluten free and dairy free fried dishes there, this would be my personal least favorite. But, it’s a great option for those who prefer chicken or kiddos (as you can order a kid size version of this).

Shrimp and Chips Cookes of Dublin

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

On my next visit, I ordered the shrimp & chips, which continues to be my absolute favorite of all the dishes at Cookes of Dublin. The shrimp were perfectly cooked, and I really enjoy their cocktail sauce (which was brought out to me on the side). Be warned though, the fried shrimp are served on skewers and can be a bit challenging to eat.

For the side, I ordered the gluten free garlic Parmesan skinny chips. I have been adding a bit of dairy (usually in the form of aged cheeses) into my diet on occasion, and I had heard nothing but rave reviews about them from Alexis at Gluten Free in Orlando.

The skinny chips are a $1.00 upcharge currently, but were definitely worth it for something different. Brandon and I shared these, as he had ordered them on their own on our previous visit (which costs $5.00). My only suggestion would be watch out for grease. When we got to the bottom of our chip dish, we saw a giant pool of grease. Um, yuck.

Overall, Cookes of Dublin continues to be my favorite quick service spot at Disney Springs. I absolutely love the options and always enjoy my meal when I dine here.

Have you been to Cookes of Dublin? What’s your go-to dish to order?