Shrimp and chips

*This dining experience took place in February 2014.

Cooke's of Dublin

I have a confession to make….I really like gluten free & dairy free fried foods. Well, who can blame me right? Anything that is safe for me to consume that’s fried is a rare treat, and that’s probably why I love these kinds of food so much. And the items at Cooke’s of Dublin fit the bill nicely.

Located in Downtown Disney, Cooke’s of Dublin is the quick service version of Raglan Road Irish Pub which is located next door to this location. They do, in fact, use a lot of the same recipes for their gluten free & dairy free fried items, but they are a little more affordable and fast on the service. This means they are a great quick service spot in Downtown Disney for special diets diners.

The last time that I visited, I enjoyed their fish and chips which are essentially the same as the version you can get at Raglan Road (though I do think a teensy bit greasier). I like them a lot but what really caught my attention was that they could make quite a few gluten free & dairy free options. They include:

  • The Original One & One – Fish & Chips $10.95
  • Georges Bank Atlantic Scallops $12.95
  • Cold Water Shrimp $11.95
  • Battered Chicken Tenders $9.95
  • Double Dipped Onion Rings $5.00
  • Fresh Chips $5.00

I knew I just had to have the fried shrimp because, well…why not? I had tried the scallops, fish and chips, and onion rings all next door and as much as I love chicken tenders I figured shrimp was the way to go. And I was not at all disappointed!

Shrimp and chips

First off, the shrimp portions were really good. I figured I might just have a few but there were quite a lot in this serving. They were piping hot and really delicious. The shrimp were definitely of a high quality and were well fried. Again, a little greasy, but heck I’m not complaining. The fries were equally good. The cocktail sauce at the restaurant perfectly accompanied the shrimp. They still need to salt their fried foods just a wee bit more, but again nothing some sauce won’t cure.

Overall, I was super pleased with this lunch, and I really enjoyed the shrimp. I’m fairly certain I didn’t talk for a while during that lunch! I would order this dish again easily. And I would actually order this over the fish and chips any day. I like my fish and chips better next door at Raglan Road, but for shrimp – this place has got me covered. I’m very curious about the scallops here portion wise compared to next door at Raglan Road as well as the chicken tenders. They all sound great!

For a quick service, this still is my favorite Downtown Disney location for reasonable prices and excellent GF/DF offerings.

This visit was a solid 8 out of 10 for me.

Have you been to Cooke’s of Dublin? What’s your favorite gluten free/dairy free fried dish?