Well, I had a first yesterday…WDW called me, yes me, at work! Oh happy day. It was Chef Jeff Bliss calling from the Grand Floridian wanting to talk to me about my upcoming trip and my reservation at the Garden View Tea Room. He had called me last week and left a message on my cell phone. Unfortunately, when he would call I was at work. I decided since I couldn’t get back in contact with him, to let IPO (Itinerary Planning Office) know and gave them my direct line at work. I also gave them my email to pass on to him as well. Well, lo and behold an hour and 1/2 after I emailed them my phone rang and it was Chef Jeff. Wow! That is SOME response time!

Basically, he got my form that I filled out with Special Diets (amazing, I wasn’t sure those actually made a difference if you filled them out or not, now I know that it does!) and wanted to go over things with me before I arrived on Feb. 5th. He said he was thinking of doing two plates for (one savory and one sweet) and asked what I was thinking. I told him that I was thinking of sweet and savory too, so we were on the same page. He asked me to confirm what dietary restrictions I had and then we talked food! First up was the savory plate. He wants to do some sandwiches (using GF bread…most likely Energ-G tapioca is my guess) and I told him I like chicken salad, egg salad, etc. I do not have an egg issue, so mayonnaise is generally ok with me. He said he would also put fresh fruit on that plate. Because of my Crohn’s I have some issues, depending on the day, with seeds and nuts. Strawberries made me sick the last time, but strawberry puree is ok. (strange, don’t ask me. My intestines have a mind of their own sometime). He said that there is typically an angel food type cake that has a puree with it. He also talked about mousses with tropical flavors. I told him I love chocolate, and I could tell he was taking notes by our talk. He said that he could definitely do something chocolatey for me. I also mentioned that it was my 30th birthday the day were having tea. (it’s my first birthday at disney, so I gotta live it up!) All in all the phone conversation with Chef Jeff was productive and made me feel really reassured about this meal. I was concerned that it would be very limited and not good at all, but he really set my mind at ease. I’m also very impressed he called 2 1/2 months before we are there.

This was my first phone call from a chef concerning my dietary restrictions, and I must say I’m quite impressed. I look forward to this experience and can’t wait to share it with you all!