Cape May Cafe Buffet

Last trip, I had a really great time eating at Cape May Cafe for dinner. I happen to love seafood and this buffet does not disappoint for seafood lovers. On top of that, it’s very gluten free/dairy free friendly. I was amazed by all of the choices that I had, except for the dessert option, which was a pretty poor attempt at a dessert–they literally threw a french meadow brownie in its plastic packaging in the microwave. Not so impressive. However, deciding to eat here on this trip, I had no expectations that I would get much more, so I really wanted to eat here for the main options.

Upon arrival, the chef came out to greet me, and he was very friendly. This time, however, he did not take me around the buffet, so it was a good thing I was very familiar with it already. He discussed the safety of all of the salads and sauces. I mentioned that the chef the last time said that the tartar sauce was not safe, and I asked if she thought the eggs were dairy and therefore not safe. He also had to check on the safety of the pork loin marinade, so he came back and let me know that the tartar sauce and pork were safe. But let’s face it, I was there for the seafood! I love the mussels, clams, and crab legs. Everything tastes so fresh. First course was all the mentioned steamed seafoods. YUM!

I ate so many crab legs on this trip…

I also ate the chicken, pork tenderloin, boiled red potatoes (plain), and a sauteed bacon and cabbage. All delicious!

More of my buffet choices…

But, I was very excited about the dessert because the French Meadow cookies were also available. They also said they had rice dream ice cream, so I decided to ask for both the cookies and some ice cream to make…an ice cream sandwich!!! Oh boy, this was soooo good. I was very excited by this option, since it’s not something I do very often. Yum, yum, and yum!

Ice cream sandwich before assembled!


As per usual, this was a great buffet choice for me. Very good food. But, I will say to always make sure you double check here, as the chefs haven’t been as proactive about telling me information as other restaurants. Still a solid 7 out of 10 for this restaurant. A definite do again.