*This dining experience took place in May 2015.

Boma Interior

Boma: Flavors of Africa has long been regarded as one of the best buffets at Disney World, and they are well-known for their delicious brunch. In fact, the Disney Food Blog ranked high on their, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate at Disney: Breakfast” list. While the options featured on the Disney Food Blog aren’t exactly gluten free and dairy free friendly, there are tons of special diets friendly meal offerings at Boma brunch, which is one of the many reasons it’s my personal favorite breakfast buffet on Disney property. Alexis from Gluten Free in Orlando also enjoys this buffet breakfast, and you can read about her previous visits, including the gluten free Bananas Foster & Pecan Praline Mickey waffles, on her blog. 

On this particular occasion, my visit to Boma was a special request from my mom. We were celebrating Mother’s Day, and this was her pick for brunch. My entire family loves Boma because the food is so delicious and the offerings are different than a typical breakfast buffet (though you will find a lot of common brunch options available).

Usually when I dine at Boma, I see Chef Frank, Chef Chris, or Chef Vickie but on this visit Chef Norma helped me out. She was just as terrific as the other Boma chefs and really went above and beyond to make my breakfast delicious and safe. 

Typically, the chefs will walk the buffet line with you, pointing out safe items for your special dietary needs. Of course, it is a buffet, so cross-contamination is always a potential risk. The culinary team is terrific at bringing items from the back for you. On this visit, a good portion of my food came from the back to avoid cross-contamination. I usually get the carved meats and grilled items from the buffet but ask for the rest from the back. That includes omelets and allergy Mickey waffles. 

Boma Breakfast

First up was the carving and grill station. Both the carved turkey and ham on the breakfast buffet are safe to consume and oh so delicious. Their ham is probably my most favorite on property. I also love the grilled tomatoes, grilled asparagus (which was insanely good on this visit), chakalaka (stewed tomatoes and peppers), and pap (which is now completely dairy free, only using water to make it). The breakfast meats on the buffet (sausage and bacon) are also gluten free and dairy free. 

Chef Norma mentioned that the tater tots are gluten free and dairy free but are placed directly next to the bread pudding and offered to bring me fresh tater tots from the back. I have to say that I loved the seasoning on the tots. The African spices along with the fried tots was the perfect combination. 

Boma Breakfast

Ever since Chef Frank introduced me to the banana walnut gluten free and dairy free Mickey waffles, I’ve been hooked. Made with banana chips and toasted walnuts and piping hot real maple syrup, these are easily my favorite thing about Boma brunch. This time, I restrained myself and only ordered two. 

Chef Normal also brought out an Udi’s blueberry muffin and some Enjoy Life Cookies. They also still have Kinnikinnick donuts on hand, and I should have asked for one. I haven’t had them in ages, and they are always a delicious breakfast treat. Of course, I did not go hungry at this breakfast by any means. 

Ham omelet at Boma

I also got a ham and onion omelet. I get this every time I go to Boma (for like 5+ years). I love the diced ham they have here and the finely chopped onions. Best omelets EVER! 

Another staple is the hot quinoa. I was told by Chef Normal that they oatmeal they use is now gluten free, but she wasn’t able to tell me the brand (I know that Bob’s Red Mill and Ancient Harvest are currently being used on property, as of this post). 

Quinoa at Boma

And lastly (as if I hadn’t eaten enough at this point), I had fresh pineapple. This is another must-do when I dine at Boma. I get it every time, and I swear there pineapple is some of the best. 

Pineapple at Boma


Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Boma. It really is one of my Disney must-do’s! I usually visit several times a year because it’s just that good. If you are more of a dinner person, they also have a wonderful dinner buffet as well. 

Have you been to Boma? Which do you prefer — breakfast or dinner?