allergy friendly beignets Port Orleans French Quarter

*This dining experience took place in September 2013.


There’s nothing quite like a beignet. Deep fried and smothered in powdered sugar, they are truly a decadent treat for breakfast and a great dessert in the evening. For many guests with a special diet, these treats have been a no-go but at WDW and specifically at Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory at Port Orleans French Quarter this has become a reality! They have become one of my most favorite sweet treats on property!

You may recall that a reader tipped me off to these delicious beignets a while back, and I was finally able to check them out (you can read the first review HERE). When I went, I had to contact the WDW Special Diets Department well in advance to make sure they had these on hand. As it turns out, they’ve become so popular that now you don’t need to call in advance–just head on over to Port Orleans French Quarter, grab yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy these treats! Chef Tony and the rest of the culinary team at POFQ have now made these an everyday occurrence, so you are sure to be able to enjoy no matter when you go! This just makes me so excited because now make an impromptu visit whenever I’m craving beignets.

On this particular occasion, I stopped by before making the trek back home to get some beignets for the road (well, more before the road…they didn’t make it out of the restaurant). My family hadn’t tried them either, so it was a great time to see what they thought. The ordering couldn’t have been simpler. I just walked up to the counter that makes beignets and asked for them specifically. The cast member went back and got the chef. Chef Paul came out to assist me, and Chef Tony also popped out to chat quickly. He mentioned that they have tweaked recipe for the beignets just slightly (replacing some of the water with club soda, etc.). I really love that they are striving to make things better for those of us with special diets. It’s just another example of the magical Disney touch! We also talked about how much of the menu can be easily made GF, so that’s excellent news! I totally want to stop by and grab lunch or dinner here soon!

Once we got our beignets (which really didn’t take long at all–maybe 5-10 minutes), we headed over to dig in! I will say, I could tell immediately that they had modified the recipe some because they were much puffier than the last ones I had.

I never saw a GF/DF beignet I did not love!
Anything smothered in powdered sugar makes me happy!

And let me tell you, I didn’t think they could make these beignets any better, but they did! I will say that they chewiness that the previous version had is literally gone. These are much lighter and fluffier and well…just delicious! The texture has definitely hit the beignet texture that I remember from the glutenous ones. And my family really enjoyed these! Let’s put it this way, I think they finished theirs before I did!

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Chef Tony & the rest of the culinary team at Port Orleans French Quarter. The time, dedication and care they have put into these beignets are so evident. And the fact that you can now get them anytime, just like you can allergy Mickey waffles, is just amazing to me! I’m thinking of hosting a breakfast meetup in the next few months here! It will be a beignet bonanza!

To me, the beignets on this trip were 9 out of 10–my only complaint? I should have ordered more!! Thanks again to Chef Tony and all at Port Orleans French Quarter for making these delicious treats available to those of us who normally can’t have things like this!

Have you tried the special diets beignets at POFQ? Do you love them as much as I do?