Gluten free beignets

Ah Beignets. You know I have a mild obsession (ok, more like a big obsession) with these deep fried gems from Port Orleans French Quarter. And now, I can recreate these beauties at home if I want to with this recipe.

Gluten free beignets

The recipe has had a few tweaks here and there, and this is the current (April 2014) version. Of course, if you’re like me, I’ll probably never re-create these Beignets at home when I can visit POFQ and get them made piping hot and to order for me! But, it’s good to know that I could…ya know, if I ever wanted to!

You can find a printable recipe here: Beignet_Recipe

You can also find a previous recipe of these beignets from Port Orleans French Quarter on Gluten Free in Orlando’s site too!

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